Music Monday – Don’t Try Suicide


A couple years ago, I posted a Music Monday on September 10th, World Suicide Prevention Day. In the wake of Robin Williams apparent suicide, I thought it relevant to reblog it.
The bottom line: There is no shame in asking for help, there is someone(s), somewhere who cares about what you’re going through, and people will miss you if you take your own life. Reach out!

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If you are thinking about suicide, find someone you can trust and tell them you need their help or call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline (24/7) at 1-800-273-TALK(8255).  Their is absolutely NO SHAME in asking for help!
Today is World Suicide Prevention Day.  As such, the three selections today all deal with the subject of suicide.  The artists: Queen, Kix, and Mike Corrado.
While I generally find Queen’s lyrics to be witty or insightful, or thought-provoking, I’m really not sure about this one.  It first glance, it sounds straight forward: don’t try suicide.  Rather than going for the slower, heart-wrenching, depressing sound that most songs about suicide use, Queen went uptempo sound with a catchy sound.  A few lines seem a bit out there, but the ones I have a real problem with are in the chorus:  “Nobody cares” and “nobody gives a damn.”  I would say that, as…

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Link: “The Midas Touch”, the Flashy Fiction Friday Writing Prompt

Hybrid (Gilded) (2014) by Digital BlasphemyThe Midas Touch, the Flashy fiction Friday writing prompt for 8 August 2014 is waiting for you at Creative Bloomings’ Flashy Fiction Friday.

Check out the detail in Digital Blasphemy’s image, think about poor King Midas, and then head to Flashy Fiction Friday and write a story about the curse.

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It Works! That “Crazy Wrap Thing” really works!

Have you tried that “Crazy Wrap Thing”?

Maybe you’ve heard of It Works!  More than likely, you haven’t.  The company has been in business for over ten years now and has fantastic products, but there are soooo many people who’ve never heard of it.  Even folks who’ve heard of their flagship product, the “Crazy Wrap Thing“, don’t know the name of the company is It Works!

Why the name?

Before and After male
Before and After female

Well, simply because the Ultimate Body Applicator, a.k.a. that “Crazy Wrap Thing”, works.  Slap it on, wear it for a while, and Bam! –instant tightening and toning.  Yes, it’s like spot reducing, which those of us who’ve labored in a gym for years know, is practically impossible through exercise.  Now, truth be told, everyone’s metabolism and body chemistry is different, which is why if I was making  commercial for TV, I’d have to show the “Results may vary” disclaimer.  For some, they see results one their first application after only wearing the wrap for 45 minutes…and it’s fairly dramatic.  For others to see the same results, they have to use four wraps, which is considered one treatment (and how many come in the box), usually over the course of  four weeks.  The wraps can be used every 72 hours.  The best way to see the results is to take before pictures, take another after you take the wrap off (45 minutes to eight hours later), one day after applying it, and then three days after applying it.  The take the pics from the same angles and compare them side by side.  You’ll see why the it’s called It Works!

So, how does it do it?

The Ultimate Body Applicator is a sheet of non-woven cloth, just under two feet wide by about a foot tall, and coated with a botanically-based goo (yeah, I’m using big, technical words now) that helps tighten and tone the skin while helping to detoxify the cells in the area in which it permeates the skin.  While shaped to fit the abdomen/stomach, it can be used on other parts of the body, as a whole or cut to fit places like the arms, neck, thighs, and back.

Key Links:

In addition to the Ultimate Body Applicator, It Works! has many other fantastic products, which I’ll spotlight in future posts, including…

  • Hair Skin Nails
  • Greens/Greens on the Go
  • Relief
  • ThermoFit
  • Fat Fighters
  • Defining Gel

Link: “Overseer”, the Flashy Fiction Friday Writing Prompt

The Overseer (2014) by Digital BlasphemyOverseer, the Flashy fiction Friday writing prompt for 1 August 2014 is waiting for you at Creative Bloomings’ Flashy Fiction Friday.

Head on over to Flashy Fiction Friday and provide a character sketch of an overseer.

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Link: “Lillipution Invasion”, the Flashy Fiction Friday Writing Prompt

poemLillipution Invasion, the Flashy fiction Friday writing prompt for 20 June 2014 is waiting for you at Creative Bloomings’ Flashy Fiction Friday.

Sleeping the beach becomes an encounter between “Gulliver” and “Lilliputions”.  Head on over to Flashy fiction and share your take on the story.

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The Old Bait and Switch – Virtual Blog Tour style

Hello, and thanks for following from Walt’s Virtual Blog Tour post to mine, but I actually posted it on my reading/writing blog, Wanna Get Published, Write!

Since you’re here, though, maybe you’d like to look around at some of my scattered, seemingly random thoughts before continuing the Virtual Blog Tour.

My Virtual Blog Tour post can be found here:  My super creative Virtual Blog Tour title.

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It’s Not a Hand Ball…or my beef with what coaches teach our young soccer players

I love soccer.  I think we’ve established that through previous posts over the past few years.  I’ve played most of my life, coached for about ten years, and reffed for about eight months now. Recently, I agreed to get back into coaching club (travel/select) soccer.  As you can see, I’ve seen the sport from many perspectives.

Playing and coaching have led to a number of the observations to follow, but reffing has really brought clarity to how widespread some of these are.

The biggest misnomer in the sport has got to be the “hand ball.”  Everytime the ball makes contact with a hand, the players, coaches, and fans of the opposing team cry out “hand ball” and expect the referee to blow the whistle and award them a free kick.  First, the free kick is for “handling”.  This means there’s more to it than hand and ball making contact.  The position of the hand in respect to the body is a big factor, including motion of the hand after contact.  Another factor is the play itself.  Did the player have time, in the opinion of the referee, to move his hand out of the ball’s path.  Intentionally handling the ball, obviously, is a violation.  Yelling “hand ball” isn’t going to make a referee call it.  Play until you hear a whistle.

“I got the/all ball!”  This is another of those cries that’s supposed to make a ref not award a free kick to the fouled player’s team and, hopefully, prevent receiving a caution or send off from the referee.  Whether the player actually gets the ball or makes first contact with the ball may be a factor in the referee’s decision to simply award a free kick or to caution or send off the offending player, but it isn’t the deciding factor.  The direction from which the tackle came, the force used in the tackle, and the follow through weigh heavily on the decision.  The player can make what she thinks is a clean tackle that gets the ball, and then watch the rest of the game from the parking lot if the referee thinks the tackle was reckless.

Another cautionable offense that is actually taught by some coaches is standing in front of the ball to prevent the team awarded a free kick from taking a quick restart.  The Laws of the Game provide a 10 yard radius from the spot of the ball which defenders are to vacate and not enter until the ball is back in play.  Nowhere does it say that the kicking team must ask for the 10 yards.  If a defender plants himself in front of the ball to “direct his teammates” or tie her shoe, the ref can caution the player.  Do yourselves a favor and move back from the ball and coaches, don’t tell your players to get in front of it.  Some refs are real sticklers for this and will caution a player with little or no warning.

There are, of course, other fouls and violations that players and coaches often don’t quite understand.  Maybe I’ll talk about some of them later. For today, though, just remember that the referee is the authority on the pitch and different referees have different aspects of the game that they enforce more tightly than others.  Play within the laws of the game, show good sportsmanship, and respect the referees and their decisions.

Play to the whistle!


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