Ah, Push It!

No, Salt-N-Pepa ain’t here, but sometimes you’ve got to just push it. Not necessarily real good, either.

Today, it’s the gym. I don’t know why, but the stairmaster was kickin’ my butt. I had to adjust the level up and down as the interval changed constantly…up when it dropped, down when it went high. Just couldn’t get a happy medium, but I didn’t quit. Now, I’m pedaling it out on the recumbent bike while I type. Working out is like that. Somedays it just doesn’t come easy, but you’ve got to be like Nike and Just Do It. #getyoursweaton

Of course, the gym’s not the only place you just have to bear down and push. Sometimes, it’s burying your head in the books and studying. Sometimes, it’s taking that first step across the room to talk to someone new. Sometimes, it’s pushing the stubby pencil across the paper or banging on those keys to crank out a story or poem or research paper. Hell, sometimes, it’s just swinging your legs out from under the covers, over the side of the bed, and getting up.

Sometimes, nothing comes easy, but you’ve got to push it, to break on through to the other side of whatever’s holding you back…even if there doesn’t seem to any reward other than knowing you beat that obstacle that time.

And then do it again the next time…and the next…and the next.

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