Vacation 2013 – Duck – Day Seven

Day Seven’s itinerary:  beach? pool? kayaking, return kayak, pack and clean a bit

Even overcast mornings have great viewsThe pups were into a routine…out early then back to bed for another hour or so.  Breakfast was one last group eat so we could use up as much of the food as possible so we didn’t have to pack it for the drive home the next day.

Pengster And The PuppyThe forecast for the day had been overcast with a chance of rain, so the prospects of getting to the beach were slim.  Likewise, most of the adults weren’t really interested in the pool, but it wasn’t difficult to convince the girls to go shopping.

We took our time cleaning up after breakfast, hung out on the deck for a while and ate lunch at the cottage to save a bit of money and to consume more of the food.  Pups On DeckIt only took all week, but the puppies finally got brave enough to come out on the deck and approach the railing.

We headed to the Timbuk II shopping center in Corolla and were easily able to find a covered parking space -in case it started raining.  We wandered around through a number of shops, but ultimately ended up with only one bottle of Shipwreck, a red blend, by Sanctuary Vineyards’.  I did find my favorite store in the area, though:  TarHeelTradingCompanyTar Heel Trading Company.  Why is it my favorite?  Simple.  Everything in the store is made in the U.S.A.  Yes, I’m one of those who actually looks to see where products are made before I buy them.  If they are made in China, I only buy them if I really need them.  I am only one person and can’t change the trade deficit myself, Couple Of Signsbut I’m hoping others will eventually get in on it.  I don’t expect it.  I’m hopeful, not stupid.

We finished shopping and got back to the cabin in time to take the kayak back to the place from which we rented it.  Since we were all cleaned up, we decided to just put in the back of Poppop’s pickup and drive it back.

It was getting near five and we had decided we were going to drive out to a little place called the Rundown Cafe on the beach road in Kitty Hawk.  Since it was a Saturday and we didn’t know how busy this place normally gets, we decided to head out there a bit early.  On the drive there, we passed miles of bumper to bumper traffic heading into Duck and Corolla -the normal weekend check-in traffic during “peak season”.  Heading out took no time and we got seated immediately at the restaurant.

RundownCafeRundown Cafe is a Jamaican-themed restaurant and they had cool, island looking art on the walls, and served food that you might find on the island, including fruity cocktails.  I got a beer and the other adults got one or two of those cocktails each.  Apparently, our decision to get there a bit early was a good one, because the restaurant filled up quickly before we’d gotten our food order in.  The food wasn’t anything special.  I had decent flavor, but nothing was “Wow!  I’ve got to come here every time we come to the Outer Banks” good.  That said, the waitress was really nice and the whole experience was a good one.

Knowing traffic was going to be horrible heading back to the cottage, we tried to kill some more time by going looking for the cottage that my wife’s grandparents used to own.  This succeeded in burning up almost an hour between the short trip to the street it was on and the driving back and forth up and down the road because no on e could recall the address and the fronts of all the cottages/houses had changed.

We were hoping we’d spent enough time for the traffic to clear out a bit for the drive back, but we weren’t so lucky.  It took between thirty and forty-five minutes of sitting in stop and go traffic to finally make it back to the cottage.  We put on coffee, packed as much as we could, and cleaned a bit before retiring for the evening.

Vacation 2013 – Duck – Day Six

Day Six’s itinerary:  Awful Arthur’s, Morning View

Apparently, the early mornings were just the dogs getting used to the cottage routine because they’ve been back to their normal waking time since the second day…thankfully.  They actually slept until almost 0800 after their initial outing around 0600.

We had group breakfast again this morning, consisting of pancakes and scrambled eggs.  We chatted about plans for the day and decided on a trip to View from Awful Arthur's BarAwful Arthur’s for lunch.  My wife and her brother, Bubba, have been going there with their parents since the were little kids.  It’s a bit of a dive bar, but the food is good and it’s very well known by Outer Banks locals and regulars.

We had to take two vehicles to the restaurant, so Poppop took Bubba and the two younger girls to Wave Riding Vehicles while my wife, Nana, and our older daughter, and I headed to Awful Arthur’s since it was about lunch time and I had no idea how busy they’d be on a Friday.  Turns out we could have gone to WRV with the others.  Everyone enjoyed their meal.

After lunch, Bubba took his daughter back to the cottage with a short stop by the playground in Duck while the rest of us went driving around, planning to NagsHeadWoodsNaturePreserveget to the Morning View Coffee Company.

Along the way, we came upon the sign to the Nags Head Woods Nature Preserve.  My wife had read about this place so we decided to check it out.  It’s a pretty cool little patch of woods with trails to walk on that we’ll be sure to check out on one of our future visits to the Outer Banks, but we weren’t all dressed in the right shows to hike and didn’t have bug spray.


We left the Nags Head Woods and went to the Morning View Coffee House.  We all got a drink and sat around the coffee house, enjoying the smell of the coffee and beans while I helped Nana get her new tablet hooked up to the wi-fi to download some important apps, which we couldn’t do at the cottage due to the crappy Internet service.  Before we left, I also bought a pound of coffee.  Morning View is my favorite coffee house.  Too bad we don’t live closer.

We stopped by Food Lion to pick up some food for that night’s dinner and headed back to the cottage.  Bubba had already packed up his and his daughters stuff and loaded his car.  He chatted with my wife and his parents for a few minutes before he left with his daughter to go home.

My wife, daughters, and I took a few trips out on the kayak before getting cleaned up for the day and getting busy on dinner.  While at Food Lion, we had picked up some match-light charcoal so we mixed some of that with the other charcoal and got the fire going easily.  Before long, dinner was ready and we enjoyed another evening of chatting around the table followed by a pot of Morning View coffee, then bed.

Vacation 2013 – Duck – Day Five

Day Five’s itinerary: beach, pool, Duck boardwalk, kayak, Taco Thursday

All the dogs decided to wake up around 0545 to be taken out.  When we got back in, though, the upstairs was still dark and quiet so I put them back in their crate and got back in bed.  They slept for another hour or so, at which time I heard movement upstairs and smelled coffee.  Nana was up so we went upstairs…they ate and I got coffee.

Bucket Full Of Moon JellyfishMoon Jellyfish Mountain

They day was mostly overcast and warm, but not raining so everyone had their own breakfasts and we went to the beach for a while.  It turned out to be a bit windy and not as warm on the beach.  My wife and Nana didn’t even get out of their coverups.  The girls all played in the sand and were only allowed to get in the waves up to their ankles since the slope of the beach was pretty steep, making for a kind of powerful pull back into the water.  Our older daughter made a mound of sand to cover the beach ball they brought while our younger daughter and Bubba’s daughter made a bucket full of moon jellyfish.  Eventually, they used the jellyfish to decorate the mound.

Shortly after the completion of Mount Jellyfish, we left to stop back by the pool.  Our younger daughter, who had developed a stuffy nose, complained that her ear ached after getting in the pool for a few minutes.  My wife took her back to the cottage and used some of her niece’s swimmer’s ear treatment which seemed to do the trick.  ViewFromBoardwalkThe rest of us played at the pool a bit longer and then went back to the cottage for lunch and to get cleaned up.

We decided to go into Duck and find the boardwalk.  We had an easy time of it.  There was no traffic and plenty of parking at the public access area of the boardwalk.  I don’t know how much the town of Duck spent on this boardwalk, but it had to be significant.


It’s a nicely built raised boardwalk that meanders along the banks of the sound, winding around the backs of some shops while providing sound front views for others.  We walked along the boardwalk for a while, visited a few shops, walked back, and then went back to the cottage after stopping at a market briefly to pick up items for dinner.

Sometime before getting to the boardwalk, the cloud cover broke, providing plenty of sun and a warmer temperature, so when we got back from our trip to the boardwalk, we got the kayak out again.  It turned out to only be my wife, our younger daughter, and I that went out.  We paddled out a bit and just floated for a while before heading back in and enjoying the late afternoon sun on the deck before getting cleaned up.


While I went to work in the kitchen preparing Taco Thursday, the clouds started coming back, resulting in some really beautiful views as the sun started to set.  We finished the meal, had dessert, and tried to play Clue with everyone, but Nana.  It didn’t last long before we called the game due to too many distractions and attention span problems.  SunsetFromCaptainsRoostBubba and his daughter went to their bedrooms.  My wife disappeared to our room and our girls, Poppop, and I played a game of Gubs before we all went to bed.

Vacation 2013 – Duck – Day Four

Day Four’s itinerary: kayak, shop, eat out.

Wednesday morning started out overcast and windy so we thought we’d do a little kayaking before breakfast.  All the wind made the sound choppy to the point that it was almost like kayaking in the ocean.  My wife and I cruised around for a little bit before coming back in and getting cleaned up.

We all decided that shopping would be a better thing to do since it was too windy and dark to hit the beach.  Looking out the kitchen window, though, we could see the lane of traffic heading back into duck was at a standstill.  We’d heard an emergency vehicle go by earlier, so we guessed that it was backed up due to an accident and would be flowing again before too long.

I went downstairs to get something out of the van, and found the front left tire completely flat.  Bubba came out and helped me change the tire.  Not that I hadn’t done this before, but since my wife suggested he come help, I let him at it.  Lazy Days - even the pups are sleepyLuckily, our van has a full-size tire as a spare, so I put the flat one back in the spare location and will take it to Firestone to fix or replace when we get home.

Traffic was still backed up by the time we finished changing the tire so we hung around the cottage, ate lunch, took naps, and entertained ourselves until early afternoon when we decided to brave the traffic and go to Scarborough Faire for a bit of shopping.  The drive only took about thirty minutes, only about five times longer than normal, and we got lucky, finding a parking spot very close to the one store we were making a point to hit, The Island Attic, because my wife’s family knows the owner.  We did wander around through a number of other stores, as well, crowded full of shoppers out and about because the weather wasn’t conducive to the beach and pools.

Overcast Days - Still SpectacularWe got back to the cottage and lazed about a bit before we discussed what to do about dinner.  The traffic was still bad so we weighed the potential drive time to a restaurant in Duck versus the drive time back from one if we ate in Corolla.  We decided on the ten to fifteen minute drive to the Sunset Grille & Raw Bar in Duck with a quick return trip.  We got to the restaurant and it looked packed.  No parking spots at the restaurant or across the street. Bubba went in and got our name on the list with a forty-five minute wait and everyone got out.  I drove to the bigger parking lot across the street and waited for someone to leave.  About twenty minutes into the wait and I still hadn’t gotten a spot when I received a text from my wife telling me they’d gotten a table outside on the deck.  Conveniently, I got a parking spot just after that so we were all able to sit and eat together.  Sunset GrilleThe cloud cover broke a bit while we were at the Sunset Grille providing a picture perfect example of why the restaurant is so named.

After dinner, it was a quick drive back to the cottage for coffee and bed time.

Vacation 2013 – Duck – Day Three

Day Three’s itinerary: beach, pool, kayak.

The dumb dogs slept in until their normal time between 0530 and 0600 so after letting them out I just stayed up, fed them, got coffee, and opened up the laptop to work on a few blog posts. Everyone else eventually got up and had breakfast, individually, while I toiled away.

We got ready and headed for the beach with a planned retrograde back to the pool before making it all the way back to the cottage. Today, though, we carried everything to the beach instead of using the truck and packed sandwiches and snacks.
Beach and pool completed, we decided not to shower before lunch since we planned on kayaking afterward. Poppop cooked shrimp while the kids got themselves lunch and I worked on making fresh peach daiquiris. KayakingI’d never actually peeled peaches before nor made peach daiquiris, but I did a pretty good job. We just needed to add a little sugar to the concoction to sweeten it up a bit.

Kayak time. We bungee-corded a tube to the back of the kayak so we could pull people along. I took the back seat, my wife got in the front and our younger daughter got in the tube for the first trip out. We went out a way, turned around, and came back to the dock. Kayaking - under the pierOur daughters swapped spots and we paddled another circuit with the older daughter. I made three more trips with each daughter taking a turn up front and my wife paddling once more. We beached and stowed the kayak and got cleaned up.

Nana and Poppop had friends who were in the area for their son’s wedding, so they stopped by the cottage for a couple minutes before the four of them went out to dinner. The rest of us, hopped in the van and headed into Corolla to find some food. We checked out Bad Bean Taqueria, but decided we weren’t interested in the fast food style ordering and seating. We tried going to Agave Roja, still looking for Mexican food, but apparently you need reservations for that place. We ended up at Tomato Patch Pizzeria. It’s a loud and hustle-bustle atmosphere, but the kids got to make their own pizzas so they were happy. My wife and I split a Super Supreme which was not super and I tried Honker’s Ale,  which is now on my list of beers not to have again.
Overcast Sunset

We got back to the cottage a few minutes before Nana and Poppop, spent a few minutes chatting with them, and everyone went to their own rooms to crash.

Vacation 2013 – Duck – Day Two

Day Two’s itinerary: beach, pool, rent kayak.

Day two started early for me when the stupid dogs decided to get up at 0430. I took them out and put them back in their crate, and they whined for another half hour before quieting back down…for about an hour, at which point they decided it was time for me to get back up and feed them. They got food. I got coffee.

sunrise over the cottageThe house sits at a location that makes watching sunrise break on the horizon difficult, but we drank coffee on the deck, and watch the sun’s light move slowly across the sound toward the houses as it climbed. After a little while, we had a group breakfast fixed by Poppop, my father in-law, the pancake master, then spent a few more minutes on the deck before getting ready to head Having A Good Laughto the beach.

Slathered with sunscreen, we loaded beach chairs, sand pails, umbrellas, and small coolers into the back of Poppop’s truck for delivery across the street. My wife, her mom, and I walked across and down the street to the beach, four to five hundred yards from the cottage, and helped carry the beach items the rest of the way.

The adults got the chairs and umbrellas setup while the kids got busy testing the water temperature and playing in the sand. The kids weren’t allowed much past their ankles without an adult next to them because the undertow was pretty strong and the waves were coming in pretty rough…and someone may have read/watched too much about sharks biting people on the east coast.

Moon Jellyfish Collection
Moon Jellyfish

We found LOTS of these clear white jellyfish with no tentacles. We picked them up, used them to decorate sand castles, and tried to see how many high we could stack them. [I did a little Googling when we got back to the cottage and learned that they are Moon Jellyfish.]

We played at the beach for a couple hours before heading back and stopping by the pool. The showers helped rinse sand from “places” and the pool water felt great. We didn’t stay too long, though, because it was now getting near 1300 hours.

We went back to the cottage, fixed sandwiches and leftovers from the night before, and decided it was time to go get a kayak. Conveniently, we’re about half a mile or so from a water sports rental business. We had Poppop drive the wife and me up to the place where we rented a kayak for the week, and then we paddled the kayak back down the sound to our cottage where we beached the kayak and got cleaned up to do some shopping.

Poppop and Bubba, my wife’s brother, took our younger daughter and Bubba’s daughter with them to the grocery store while I chauffeured, My wife, Nana, her mom, and our older daughter shopping in the beach clothing and crappity stores. We hit three or four. Nana bought herself a hat for the beach and an ankle bracelet/anklet for each of the girls.

We got home and heard how it had been a mistake for Poppop to take two little girls with them to the grocery store because it was a madhouse…which it is. The Harris Teeter and Food Lion down here service a lot of people and they are always packed full of folks. Poppop and Bubba picked up food for a couple days, but the charcoal they got wasn’t MatchLight and they didn’t get lighter fluid.

Last Rays Of Day TwoFor our good, old-fashioned cookout, I had the burgers made, the beans and corn heated up, and no fire in the grill. Poppop managed to use enough paper and sticks to catch the charcoal and eventually we got the burger and hot dogs cooked and ate dinner.

We got the table and dishes cleaned up and had a glass of wine on the deck as the last rays of the sun disappeared for the day. We had coffee, chatted a bit, and headed to our rooms to sleep.

An interesting observation: Movies always show late night partying when folks go on vacation, even as families, but it seems that I get much more sleep on vacation than I do at home. We rarely have a night that we’re all still up at 2300, much less midnight.


Vacation 2013 – Duck – Day One

Day One’s itinerary: drive, move in, find food, relax.

Sure I Can't Have Any?Packed and on the road before 1000.  Not as early as I’d hoped for, but it worked fine for beating the traffic.  There were plenty of like-minded folks, but not enough to cause a delay in traffic.  Very happy about that.

We arrived in Duck around 1230, about two and a half hours before we thought check-in time was, which was two hours later than the 1300 early check-in we were hoping for, which was three hours earlier than the actual 1600 check-in time.

To pass the time, we parked for a short while near some shops to let the dogs potty and the girls stretch their legs, we hit a coffee shop for a fresh coffee, we picked up some fudge at a fudgery and then went to see if the cleaning folks had finished with the cottage.  There was no one home, so we parked and checked the house.  Soundwatch - back of the houseIt was unlocked so the girls explored, being sure to look under all the beds for little white pulls**.  We got word from my wife’s mom that the cleaning folks had not yet been there so we got the girls out, got back in the van, and headed toward the Harris Teeter to see if it had an off-brand Frontline.  While there, we just picked up the rest of the food for making dinner.  Leaving Harris Teeter, we still hadn’t gotten the “all clear” to go to the house so we parked across the street near the pool and waited for word, which came a few minutes later.

View With A FriendWe headed to the house and began the unloading and moving-in process, which includes taking pictures, getting room assignments, and putting stuff away.  Once settled in, the kids were eager to hit the pool.  Not much time for relaxing, but I did manage to steal a couple minutes in a comfy chair with the elder wiener taking in a fantastic view before throwing on swim trunks and heading to the pool.

After the pool, the adults enjoyed some Lavender Metheglin on the deck while our younger daughter did some birdwatching.  While everyone got cleaned up, I started working on dinner:  spaghetti and salad.

Birdwatching at SunsetThat pretty much did it for day one.  Tired from travel, playing int he pool, and full bellies, it didn’t take long for everyone to find their beds.
**Read about our vacation last year for more on the little white pill our puppy ate.  The first mention of the pill is Day 5.  The effects of the pill continue over the next few days.

Vacation 2012 – Avon – Day Eight – “The Departure”

Day Eights itinerary:  load vehicles, pull chocks, head home

Caeli and Jameson('s nose)Kelsi and Juliet
We got up not much after the normal “vacation time” of six and took the dogs out, put some coffee on, and went to work finishing up packing.  That didn’t take long since we’d started the night before so while the final things were being packed, like the refrigerator stuff, toiletries, etc., I began to load up the van and my father in-law began loading his truck.  Once everything was just about loaded, I quickly took a shower (it’s how I start my day and I had a decent sweat going from loading the van in the heat and humidity), dressed in the clothes I’d kept out, and got everyone in the van.  About eight, we told my wife’s parents that we’d meet them at the Morning View Coffee House & Roastery and then headed out  with them only a minute or so behind.

As we headed out, in a light rain, but foreboding clouds on the horizon, we were greeted with a rainbow.  It was like Mother Nature saying “Hope you had a good time, thanks for visiting, safe travels!”

One last sign of Mother Nature showing us some love…as we headed across the last bridge from the Hatteras area into Nags Head, the dark clouds parted, letting the sun shine down along our path.

Exploiting The Breach

  A few minutes later and about an hour after leaving the cottage, we’d passed the rain and clouds completely and pulled into the Morning View Coffee House…perfectly timed for a fill up with great coffee.  We were back on the road within ten minutes and were home before noon.

We had a few issues with spiders bites, burns, and dogs getting sick from eating unknown pills, but overall, we had a great trip.  The bouts of rain and thunderstorms were brief or late so they didn’t interfere with our activities.  The food, for the most part, was very good, and the company was superb.

Vacation 2012 – Avon – Day Seven

Day Six’s itinerary: early departure (maybe), pool

As I mentioned in my Day Six post, Juliet, our little girl wiener dog, threw up around one-thirty in the morning, but went back to sleep and slept until just after six.  I took her and her brother out and fed them.  He got the normal amount and I gave her five kibbles.  She kept them down so an hour later, I gave her five more.  She kept them down, as well.  She drank a little water and it also stayed down.  We thought this was a sign that maybe she’d turned the corner on her problem so I convinced my wife to stay rather than pack and head home.

Because she seemed a little better, after breakfast, we all got ready and went to the pool at the Beach Klub at Koru Village to enjoy the beautiful day.  We stayed about an hour and a half and then popped back into Food Lion for more water.  [I guess I haven’t mentioned in any of these posts that the spigot and water in the kitchen was so foul that we’d been buying water to drink and use for coffee.  It’s amazing how much water you can go through doing that.]  We got back to the cottage and I got busy making lunch while everyone got cleaned up.

About three, we’d eaten and cleaned the kitchen, and I’d gotten cleaned up.  The girls were trying to talk their grandfather into taking them to see Ice Age 4 at the theater around the corner from the cottage and, since Juliet was still punky and not drinking much, my wife had called the vet she spoke to the evening before and we were waiting for a call back.  Out of the blue, Juliet threw up again.  I’d been in favor of staying through the next morning all day as Juliet had been throwing up and had been near her old self when we got back from the pool, but this changed everything.  My initial thought was to pack everything up and head home so we could take her to our vet on Saturday (the next day) morning, but the girls had already left with their grandfather to go to the movie.  My wife found an animal hospital in Nags Head that was open until six, so she, her mom, and I hopped into the van with Juliet and made the hour drive to take Juliet to the vet.

We arrived at the Animal Hospital of Nags Head around ten after five.  By five-thirty or so, we’d been moved into the exam room and had spoken to the vet tech or assistant or whatever the equivalent of a nurse is in an animal hospital.  She weighed Juliet, took her temperature, and listened to why we were there, symptoms, etc. and then left the room.  A few minutes later, Dr. Shae entered and shook all our hands and asked what had happened.  [On a side note:  Why do all vets seem so stand-offish the first time you meet them? Are they afraid you’re going to bite?]  He asked a few further questions and then said we needed to do an x-ray to make sure Juliet hadn’t eaten foam or something else that was still in her digestive tract causing the problem.  He was fairly blunt when he said that if this had been a fairly toxic pill, she’d likely already be dead.  After the x-ray, they would do blood work to make sure the drugs were out of her system and that all her levels were normal.  He would also give her some fluids and anti-nausea medicine.  We asked whether we’d be better off getting the blood work done back home at our vet or if they’d fax the results to our vet when they got them to which he replied that they run the tests there at their facility in about fifteen minutes.  We agreed and in a few minutes, Juliet had been x-rayed and we were being shown the image on a computer screen…much cooler than the old way.  Everything looked normal, so he told us that he’d now take her and do the blood work and give her fluids to hydrate her.  We were escorted back to the lobby.  My wife and mother in-law sent me out to go find coffee while they waited.

Good Views Coffee ShopOn the suggestion of a guy picking up his dog from the hospital, I headed north about three miles and found an awesome little coffee shop, Morning View Coffee House and Roastery.  Yes, they roast their own beans right there on the premises.  I got there just before they closed and was able to get the last cup of coffee they had, a double Espresso con Panna with a shot of peppermint, and a Salted Nut latte.  I also got a bag of coffee to go.  The drinks were great.  Very well made.  I knew where I was stopping for coffee on the way home.

Last sunset of the tripI got back to the animal hospital as the vet had just finished explaining that the blood work came back fine and that we needed to not feed her for somewhere between twelve and twenty-four hours.  Apparently, the three of us all heard a different length of time.  Since it was late, and they wanted to go home as much as we did, they injected all of the fluid they would have used in an IV drip behind Juliet’s right shoulder which made her look like a camel or The Hunchback.  Not surprisingly, she slept the whole ride back to the cottage.

We got back to the cottage just after seven, fed the dogs, packed everyone into the van and headed out to get dinner.  We called Ketch 55, one of the few restaurants at which we’d not eaten, and they had an hour wait so we called Oceana’s Bistro.  They told us it would be a thirty minute wait so we had them put our name down.  We got to the restaurant and waited out front on their couches.  It took less than thirty minutes and we were seated.  Again, we all enjoyed our meals, and we got an order of funnel cake fries to go.

Back at the cottage, we had coffee, funnel cake fries, and finished as much packing as we could before turning in.

Vacation 2012 – Avon – Day Six

Day Six’s itinerary: yoga  (haha), pool

My day started normally with the puppies waking me up around six.  I let them out and fed them and then first sign of the pill incident from the night before…shortly after giving them their food, Juliet, the little girl puppy began throwing up.  Over the next hour and a half, she’d emptied her stomach to where she stopped throwing up.

Sun pushing away the stormThe rainy morning had broken up a bit and some sun was out so we all decided we’d run up to the pool for a little bit while Juliet rested.  As we were about to leave, though, she threw up again so my wife stayed at the cottage while the rest of us headed up to the pool, in two different vehicles because the girls and their grandfather were a bit impatient.  Shortly after getting to the pool, my mother in-law decided to head back to the cottage.  The girls and my father in-law and I played at the pool for about an hour and a half or so before packing up.

We hit the fudge shop across the street from the Beach Klub at Koru Village and bought five quarter-pound chunks of different fudges and then headed to Food Lion to pick up a few things we needed.  As my younger daughter and I exited the store, we ran into my wife.  She and her mom had decided to leave the cottage and visit the pool only to find us missing, so they headed to Food Lion, knowing we were planning to pick up some things.  We all headed back to the cottage to eat lunch.

By two or so, we’d all eaten and decided we wanted to go out to eat, but we needed to cook the pork loin we’d purchased earlier in the week.  When we’d bought it, I’d intended to grill it, but the grill was nasty.  The oven was fairly nasty as well when we’d used it to cook the girls pizzas for lunch, but since it was already hot, I decided to cook the pork inside a little foil tent to try to keep any of the smell and smoke from the oven from tainting the flavor of the meat.

Playing Wrath of AhardalonWhile the meat was cooking, the girls and I introduced their grandfather to “Wrath of Ashardalon,” a board game based on the 4th Edition rules of Dungeons & Dragons.  While he didn’t seem as into the game as the girls and me, he paid as much or more attention than my younger daughter.  About 40 minutes into the game, the pork loin was done and smelled wonderful so I took it out of the oven to cool, managing to burn my arm on the oven door that didn’t open all the way because our dog cage had moved in front of it.  After about an hour of playing, it was time to think about dinner, so we quit the game, packed up and started getting ready to find a place to eat.  I put the pork loin in a dish, covered it with plastic wrap and put it in the oven for the next day.

During the afternoon, we had tried giving Juliet little bits of water and a little while later, she’d throw that up so we stopped giving her water.  While we were playing “Wrath of Ashardalon“, my wife began calling the different veterinary clinics in the area…which turns out to be not many.  The closest one is only open on Mondays and Wednesdays.  She was able to get in touch with an on-call vet whose office is in Manteo.  When she explained the little white pill and the symptoms since, he told her he didn’t hear anything that made him think “emergency” or something like that.  He said we should see if she’d eat and keep down chicken baby food and the plain rice we’d picked up earlier.  Based on that guidance, we headed out to dinner.

Mad Crabber Brew is the Weeping Radish's Corolla GoldWe decided to try The Mad Crabber, one of the restaurants we’d not yet tried.  We were told it would be about thirty minutes, but were seated in about five.  The service was quick, as was the delivery of the food.  Everyone enjoyed their meal and I was very happy that their Mad Crabber Brew was the Weeping Radish’s Corolla Gold.

My wife and younger daughter headed to the Village Grocery (right next door to The Mad Crabber) for the  while the rest of us stayed to pay the bill.  We met them back at the van and headed home to see if Juliet would eat the rice and baby food.

Juliet wasn’t interested in eating anything so we just let her continue to rest while we watched the family movie Little Manhattan that was part of the DVD library at the cottage.  After the movie, the girls went to bed and the adults read or hit their computers before heading to bed.  Juliet slept in our room that night in case she threw up…which she did once, around one-thirty.

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