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poemThe Overturned Tricycle, the Flashy fiction Friday writing prompt for 25 April 2014 is waiting for you at Creative Bloomings’ Flashy Fiction Friday.

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“Genius may have its limitations” -a quote by Elbert Hubbard

“Genius may have its limitations, but stupidity is not thus handicapped.” –Elbert Hubbard


The quote speaks for itself.  I witness this almost every day at work, as well as on the drive to and from…trying to avoid all the fidiots on the road.

“Because we’re morons” -a quote by Alice Cooper

“If you’re listening to a rock star in order to get your information on who to vote for, you’re a bigger moron than they are. Why are we rock stars? Because we’re morons.” – Alice Cooper, rock star

Alice Cooper isn’t really a moron.  He’s actually got a pretty sharp mind…and he’s not the big party guy most people think of when they think of the rock star lifestyle.

The quote above gets right to the heart of my amazement that the media/paparazzi will give any moronic entertainer (musician, actor, etc) the chance to spout off on just about any subject.  They don’t usually have any more information on the subject, nor reason for their opinion to be broadcast to the world other than they were in a movie or sang a song or whatever.

“I Have Faith” – A quote by James Brown

I found the following quote on my Starbucks cup years ago and liked it so much that I copied it down on a little note paper.  The other day, while cleaning out junk in the garage, I found the little piece of paper and decided to share the quote.

I have faith.  Faith in our wondrous capacity for hope and good, love and trust, healing and forgiveness.  Faith in the blessings of our infinite ability to wonder, question, pray, feel, think and learn.  I have faith.  Faith in the infinite possibilities of the human spirit.  -James Brown, sportscaster

I think it’s interesting that I came across this quote again during the Olympics, a world-wide sporting event that brings together nations and their athletes to showcase not just the athletic prowess of the individuals and teams, but also the ability of people who may not get along to behave in a civil manner toward each other, to live and compete respectfully, humanely, for a couple of weeks every four years.

Sporting events provide great insight into the human spirit.  They provide a look at the level of dedication it takes to train, grueling hours spent practicing, perfecting.  They provide a look at perseverance, pushing forward when there is almost no chance of winning, when the first instinct is to quit…yet we continue on with a never say die attitude.  Sports also show us that two or more people can struggle against each other for extended periods, sometimes pounding on one another to try to knock each other out, yet embrace once the final bell rings or whistle blows in mutual respect for each other.

Sometimes we see those who go against the spirit of competition and respect, willfully trying to injure or ridicule others, before, during or after the event.  Frequently, those individuals are called out by others in their sport, sometimes on their team, and told that such behavior is not acceptable.  Unfortunately, in this day and age, as long as the bad behavior makes the event exciting, there are too many fans who turn a blind eye or who cheer the player on, allowing them to continue to feel good about themselves when they really need admonishment.

I too have faith, James Brown.  Faith that the majority of humans still have most of their humanity left.  Faith that we will get through the difficult times facing the world.  Faith that, one day, mankind will decide we are, collectively, more interested in helping our fellow man than we are in advancing our own cause.

Okay…that last one may have been pushing it a little, but you get my point….here’s Get Together by The Youngbloods

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