Monday’s #MorningMusic Wrap-Up – May 11 – 17, 2015

May 11th

Strange that I was wrong enough,
To think you’d love me too.
I guess you were kissing a fool

from “Kissing A Fool” by George Michael

A soothing, mellow jazz lounge song seemed, at first, out of place on Faith, but it’s one of my favorite tracks on the album.

May 12th

We’d be so good together if we had the time
Bein’ alone’s a nowhere state of mind
Lovin’ ain’t no crime, oh no

from “Rock Me” by Great White

I really like the slow, instrumental build-up of the into in this song before they power chords and vocals kick in and Rock Me.

May 13th

Now you say the juice is sour
It used to be so sweet
And I can’t help but to wonder
If you’re talking ’bout me.

from “Superwoman” by Karyn White

Fellas, if you’ve got a superwoman at home, treat her right.

May 14th

I know I’m gonna know her
but I gotta get over my fright
We’ll, I’m just gonna walk up to her
I’m gonna talk to her tonight

from “Somebody’s Baby” by Jackson Browne

I used to have that problem.  Luckily, I had a great friend that broke the ice for me and got my wife and I chatting.

May 15th

This magic moment, so different and so new
Was like any other until I kissed you

from “This Magic Moment” by The Drifters

The Drifters are one of my favorite oldies groups and this is simply one of their classics.  The clip below is from The Sandlot, one of the best baseball movies ever, and while the version of the song in the movie was by Jay and The Americans, it fits this scene perfectly.


Monday’s #MorningMusic Wrap-Up – May 4 – 10, 2015

May 4th

How do you like me now?
How do you like me now?
Now that I’m on my way
Do you still think I’m crazy standing here today?

from “How do You Like Me Now?” by Toby Keith

For all those folks who never believed in their classmates or thought they’d never achieve their dreams.  How do you like me now?

May 5th

When I, you, and everyone we knew
Could believe, do, and share in what was true

from “Dance Hall Days” by Wang Chung

I’m not sure why exactly, but this is one of my favorite Eighties songs.

May 6th

Deep in her eyes,
I think I see the future.
I realize this is my last chance.

from “Shut Up and Dance” by Walk the Moon

This is my current favorite song.  I love the energy, the sound, and while there’s nothing super complicated or deep, the lyrics are cool, too.

Here’s the official video:

But this montage is really cool…

May 7th

When you get that feelin’, better start believin’
Cause it’s a miracle, oh say you will, ooh babe
Hysteria when you’re near

from “Hysteria” by Def Leppard

In an album full of much “harder” and louder songs, Hysteria sneaks in as a nice, melodic not-quite-ballad that perfectly describes the feeling you get when your heart’s desire is near.

May 8th

Life’s ambitions occupy my time
Priorities confuse the mind
Happiness one step behind
This inner peace I’ve yet to find

from “Hole Hearted” by Extreme

Caught up in the rat race, always on the go, unbalanced, and always trying to find that elusive happiness.

Deflategate: Does the punishment fit the crime?

There are probably not many folks who know me who don’t know that I don’t like Tom Brady, but if I’m being honest, this is a crock of crap.  They found nothing concrete, nothing specific, that said “Tom Brady said to deflate the balls” or “Tom Brady saw the balls being deflated and gave a thumbs up” or anything of the sort.  They inferred from texts, not his, that he likely had a general idea that something wasn’t right…and from this he gets a 4 game suspension.  I have no problem with the fine for the team or the loss of draft picks.  I hope the basis for the suspension was heavily on the side of not cooperating with the investigation and much less due to it being “‘more probable than not’ that Brady was ‘at least generally aware of the inappropriate activities'”.

The article:  Patriots’ Tom Brady suspended 4 games

Monday’s #MorningMusic Wrap-Up – April 27 – May 3, 2015

April 27th

I know that I’ve got issues
But you’re pretty messed up too
Either way I found out, I’m nothing without you

from “My Life Would Suck Without You” by Kelly Clarkson

For better, for worse…in crazy times, and the sane…life just wouldn’t be the same without those we love.

April 28th

I was born to chase the sun
Some horses gotta run
Yeah I’m always gonna be
A little bit gypsy

from “Little Bit Gypsy” by Kellie Pickler

Born an Army Brat, I completely understand the ‘little bit gypsy’ feeling.

April 30th

And I see
that these are the eyes of disarray
Would you even care?

from “Plush” by Stone Temple Pilots

May 1st

Well u say u care about me
That u just can’t do without me
But u keep on dancin’ baby
‘Til that monkey has u on the floor

from “Monkey” by George Michael

Be in the relationship or get out of it.  Don’t half-ass it…jump in with both cheeks.

Monday’s #MorningMusic Wrap-Up – April 20 – 26, 2015

April 20th

All I know
You’ve got to run to win
and I’ll be damned if I’ll get hung up on the line

from “Why Can’t This Be Love?” by Van Halen

One of the first hits for Van Hagar.  Everyone has their opinion of which version of Van Halen was better, but it’s easy to tell the two incarnations of the band apart.

April 21st

Everybody’s got their history
On every page a mystery
U can read my diary
You’re in every line
Jealous minds
Never satisfied

from “Would I Lie To You?” by Charles & Eddie

Honesty wins every time.  Open your baggage, empty the closets, and let the light shine on those skeletons.  It’s the only way to have a solid relationship…with friends or lovers.

April 22nd

We’ll find a rhythm all our own
Melt into it nice and slow
Love ourselves away from here
Your heart beating next to mine

from “Set the Night to Music” by Roberta Flack and Maxi Priest

This is just such a pretty song.  It’s got a romantic evening sound, light and airy, with great harmonizing.


April 23rd

No one compares
You stand alone, to every record I own
Music to my heart that’s what you are
A song that goes on and on

from “Love You Like A Love Song” by Selena Gomez & The Scene

A perfect example of how I think most of the time.  There’s a song that fits almost everything I’m doing or feeling.  I even borrow a few lines of a song for part of my wedding vows.

April 24th

Running down by the lake shore
She did love the sound of a summer storm
It played on the lake like a mandolin

from “Mandolin Rain” by Bruce Hornsby

I love the sound of summer storms, as well…from the gentle falling rain on the roof, to the rolling thunder, to the frog-stanglin’ downpour.  I love how you an smell the rain in the air before a good gully washer hits.  Bruce did a great job of capturing the mood and sounds of a storm blowing across a lake.

Monday’s #MorningMusic Wrap-Up – April 13 – 19, 2015

April 13th

I’ve seen it all go down
The game of love was all rained out

from “To Be With You” by Mr. Big

Games may get rained out, but the season can last a lifetime.  As long as you don’t hang up your cleats, there’s always the chance you’ll win the next game.


April 14th

So take the photographs, and still frames in your mind
Hang it on a shelf in good health and good time

from “Good Riddance (Time of Your Life)” by Green Day

It’s too easy to focus on the struggles in our lives.  Make sure you have a little lock box inside where you keep your “happy times” and pop that sucker open now and then and remember the good times.


April 15th

Hey you, give up the ghost that’s haunting you now
Shout it out, don’t let it stay inside and eat you alive

from “Dance Little Sister” by Terrence Trent D’Arby (former stage name for Sananda Maitreya

A great, rocking dance beat combined with Sananda’s powerful vocals on smart, message-driven lyrics worked incredibly well on this song about staying positive and not letting life beat you down.  Introducing the Hard Line by Terrence Trent D’Arby is a fantastic album.


April 16th

Shot by an arrow of cupid
Through the string of a G-clef
My dear, I claim you’re def

from “Eye Know” by De La Soul

An offbeat love song with clever lyrics.


April 17th

Heartless pictures on TV
Change that channel
That could have been me I said

from “White Light” by George Michael

George Michael’s announcement via song that he wasn’t done…with life or music.  This was good news for those fans (like me) who’d heard the news stories of him being found slumped behind the wheel of his car, among others.  I love his music so I truly hope he’s able to stay on the winning side in the battle with his demons.

Guilt Tipping

So, the impetus for this post was an article, supposedly a “news worthy” article, about whether or not Hillary Clinton left a tip at a Chipotle restaurant.

Here’s the Article.

I’m not a fan of Hillary Clinton by any means, but whether she left a tip in the jar at a Chipotle restaurant certainly isn’t news, unless she dropped a significant amount of money into it.  If she’d ordered something ridiculously complicated that required special attention over and above the normal orders at the restaurant, maybe….maybe, not leaving a tip would have been worthy of the equivalent of a small page three blurb.

Tip jars at Chipotle are ridiculous.  It may be slightly more upscale, but it’s still basically a fast food joint.  It would be like McDonalds putting a tip jar on their counter.  The workers take your order, put it together, and you go find your seat with your food.  Admittedly, I’ve not been to a Chipotle in a few years so procedures could have changed, but that process sounds just like BK, right?  Do you tip them?  Not likely.

Going a bit deeper than tipping at fast food joints, though, we get to a discussion of tipping in general.

Tipping, in my opinion, should be done when a service is rendered that you could have done, but chose to have someone else do for you.  For instance, having a bellhop unload your luggage and deliver it to your room, opting to have a valet park your car, having someone wait on you at a restaurant, having pizza delivered to your door, having a friend help you move/build/repair/etc, having our hair styled or colored are examples that warrant a tip.  In the final example, pizza and beer are usually sufficient “tips”.  Yes, the bellhop, valet, waiter, and stylist are employees (usually) and are being paid to do those jobs, but the tip used to be for good service…based on expediency, courtesy, accuracy, etc..

Unfortunately, we’ve gotten to a point that tips are expected whether those services are performed well or not, especially in the case of wait staff at restaurants. We are, more or less, expected to leave the minimum tip of 15%-20% (higher or lower ranges based on regions) for service that barely meets our satisfaction.  Regardless of how long we wait for the waiter to show up to take our drink and food orders, regardless of whether the orders are perfect, regardless of how long we have to sit around once we’re all finished and ready for the bill, we’re expected to leave a tip.

And we’ve been so “trained” to leave a tip, that most of us feel bad about not leaving one…to the extent that we never don’t leave a tip even when the service is horrible.  We tell ourselves that it wasn’t the waiter’s fault the food was wrong or cold and so we “Guilt Tip” the minimum.  We “Guilt Tip” the stylist who didn’t quite get our hair right because we must have failed to accurately describe what we wanted.

Now this won’t be popular, but I think it’s time we get back to expecting good service for our tips.  If we receive poor service, don’t leave a tip.  If the service is simply average, bust out your phone’s calculator and figure out what the accepted standard tip percentage is (calculated on the pre-tax subtotal, of course), and leave that amount.  If the service deserves it, leave a more generous tip.  As long as we continue to shell out our money for crumby service, we’re certainly going to continue to get it.

And by all means, don’t “Guilt Tip” fast food workers.  Anyone can slap a tip jar on a counter.  It doesn’t mean they deserve the extra money.


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