Three Days Can Change Your Life – Reflections on Limelite 2015

Three days can change your life.

Yes, yes, I realize that tragedies are often much shorter than that and that it only takes a minute or so on lottery night to see those winning numbers drawn, but there’s often not much we can do to prevent tragedies since we don’t usually see them coming, and the odds of winning the lottery are somewhere north of 100 million to one.
But, three days can change your life.
It started with the excitement and nervous energy building up on the trip to Limelite 2015, this year’s annual It Works! conference.  The lines for registration/check-in, swag bags, and to shop the It Works! Stores were long and tiring, but my wife and I made some new friends during those waits.
The first event was the conference kickoff where the company leaders get everyone pumped up for what’s to come over the next couple days …and to be completely honest, we missed some of it because we needed to eat after traveling and line-standing all afternoon.  When we got there, we finally met up with most of the folks from our team (team being the common term for the group of folks under a person in the business who’s reached a certain level of status).  Many of us stayed on to hear Warren Barfield sing and chat and tell us all to be Red Birds, not crabs.  (If you don’t get those references, ask me about them.)
The meat of the conference happened over four multi-hour sessions over the next two days.  The sessions include interviews with Dr. Don Verhulst, the health consultant for the company, Luis Mijares, the formulator of the awesome products we sell (and use), John-Erik Moseler, social media guru, the range of company executives, and the movers and shakers within the company.  Interspersed among these company notables were interview sessions with members who’ve had fantastic results with our products or have some other incredible story to share…and there are a number of them.  We also learned about how dedicated our company is to helping our international members and always looking to expand into new markets.
The biggest things I took from these sessions were: Ruby_DoubleGood_bonuses

  1. This company is all about loving and helping people, including all of our members and extending outside of the company to their support of global causes with It Works! Gives Back Foundation.
  2. Bonuses – Ruby Bonus: A new bonus for those just starting out.  It gives a first level to shoot for with more easily attainable goals.  Double GOOD Bonuses:  A huge boost to last year’s GOOD (Get Out Of Debt) bonuses (see chart to the right).
  3. ENERGY – A healthy energy drink that’s super tasty.  I’m so excited about this product and can’t wait for it to launch in March.
To help blow off some of the energy that had been building throughout the conference and to celebrate a great year, the company put on a huge BLACKLIGHT party, complete with DJ, break dancers, free food, face painting (glow-in-the-dark, of course), social media/video station, and free samples of ENERGY.  What a blast!!!
The night after the conference officially ended, a number of movers and shakers had “recap parties” where they shared a bit more advice and mingled with the party attendees…and the company big wigs made their rounds, hitting the parties, as well.  All of these folks are so down-to-earth, so approachable.  They are all willing to take pics and engage in meaningful conversation, listening to problems and giving advice, or simply a few words of encouragement, motivation.
At the party my wife and I (and most of our team) attended, the party sponsor asked guests to come onstage and share their A-ha Moment of the conference.  A lot of folks did.  I was not one of them.  I’m not fond of public speaking, but I did have an A-ha Moment.
Three days can change your life.
Three days filled with new friends, with love and energy, with motivation, with so many reasons to love a company that changes lives daily, through helping its members get healthier and financially free.
Three days that almost didn’t happen for us.  My wife and I came really close to not booking our flights, getting the 50% hotel cost back, and just writing off the rest of what we’d already paid.  Money’s really tight, but we broke out a credit card and booked the flights.
We took a leap of faith.
For those of you in It Works!, you’ve got to go to the annual conference, but even more importantly, you’ve got to get your spouse, boyfriend, girlfriend, significant other in and bring them with you.  Make them come along.  Drag them kicking and screaming if you have to because they will not understand the power, the potential, the goodness of It Works! until they do. I thought I did. I was wrong. It’s not just the numbers, the money, the blitzing and charting.  It’s much greater and you and they won’t grasp it until you’ve experienced it.
My A-ha Moment lasted three days.  Three days immersed in the greatness of the It Works! family.  Three days that have changed my perspective. Three days spent with my wife.
Three days have changed my life.

Smoothing the Bumpy Ride

#ItWorksAdventureIt’s a bumpy ride as I compose my thoughts at multiple thousands of feet in the air on our return trip from Limelite 2015, which is fitting, I suppose, as I’m thinking about the roads behind and the one ahead.
Roads behind, but one ahead? Yep, and for a couple reasons:
Finances.  My wife and have always worked toward our financial goals as a couple, but we’ve had different jobs.  She was a school teacher for many years. I’ve worked in the IT field since before I met her.  We’ve both also had part time jobs at times…and still do.  We’ve seen times when we were making good money and times when things were tough. One lane on that bumpy road.
Health.  I’ve been able to avoid most of the pot holes in this lane, but for every one I miss, my wife seems to hit two.  I won’t go into detail here, but if you’d like to read about some of her issues, which include “invisible diseases” and a crazy long list of recently diagnosed food allergies, and how she deals with them, I encourage you to check out her blog, The Burned Hand.
So, two bumpy roads.  How are we going to turn them into one?  Through the financial power and health benefits of It Works!.  This company is debt free and growing by helping its members, its family, get debt free while helping themselves and others get more healthy.
My wife and I are going to focus on building our It Works! business together to smooth out and eliminate the financial bumps.    We’re going to be products of our own products, which will benefit our bodies:
  • How easy is it to drop powdered Greens or Greens on the Go into a bottle of water, shake it up, and drink down 8 servings of fruits and vegetables while helping alkalize the body? It’s a no brainer.
  • Got pain? We’ve got your Relief in a handy pill that beats the OTC brands…based on my personal experience.
  • And, of course,we have the Ultimate Body Applicator, aka “That Crazy Wrap Thing”…and it really works!
As we go forward on our adventure, we’re working toward real financial freedom, which is where the financial bumps disappear…and we’re able to retire me from my current full-time job, truly putting us on one road into our future.
Sound good? Join us! We’d love to bring you along on our #ItWorksAdventure!

Music Monday – Clairy Browne Bangs Better Live!

Well, this post is long overdue.  Waaaaaaaay back in June of last year, my wife, a few friends, and I hit the VinoFest DC Wine and Music Festival at the Union Market.  While we weren’t crazy about many (if any) of the wines, we did sample some good food, and were treated to a short performance by Clairy Browne & The Bangin’ Rackettes.

I’ve been a fan of this incredible band since the first time one of my friends posted about them on Facebook and I looked them up on YouTube.  I’ve watched all the videos and have purchased their music, and love playing it loud.
As much as I enjoy them on CD and video, though, it doesn’t come close to their live sound.

The Musicians Jam!

The Rackettes Bang!

IMAG2060Clairy Browne Wails!

Pure Energy!

What makes their live performance so great?  Well, it’s the band, and their voices.  These folks actually play their instruments and all of the ladies can sing well.  This is the kind of music that’s meant for live performances.

Do yourself a favor:  Go see them live!

On not being morose -five years later

It’s Veteran’s Day, the day we celebrate all the military who have served Our Country.  For the last five years, it has also been the day after I was told by my mother that “We are not going to be morose about this“, her diagnosis of stage four lung cancer.  While it’s not quite an Internet meme, I’ll forever remember those words as if I just heard them last night.  I wrote a second post a year later, “Army Wife: The Toughest Job in the Army“, in which I talked about these infamous (to me) words.

So, five years later, I’m proud to have served in the Army, proud that my father and brother served in the military, and proud and thankful to all my friends and family who have served, as well as all those I don’t know…and cancer still sucks!


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