We’ve Won the WWC Again…Let’s build on it

U.S. Women hoist 2015 Women's World Cup

Awesome! Not only did U.S. Women’s National Team (USWNT) bring home the FIFA Women’s World Cup, but they set records for number of viewers each game from about the round of 16 on…each game had more than the last.

Foxsports.com: Women’s World Cup Final seen by 26.7 million  in U.S.

Now, let’s see if we can keep momentum/interest in the women’s game going this time. The last time they won it, in 1999, the WUSA formed up and failed, followed by a couple more attempts to have a league. The latest league, the NWSL is based on a different structure that should be more sustainable, but it takes fans. It takes fans going to games and campaigning to have the league’s games broadcast on channels that aren’t hidden away in the bowels of the cable-only lineup.

I have high hopes for the growth, the enduring growth of soccer in the USA, especially in the women’s game.

Monday’s #MorningMusic Wrap-Up – June 29 – July 5, 2015

June 29th

I watched with glee
While your kings and queens
Fought for ten decades
For the gods they made

from “Sympathy for the Devil” by The Rolling Stones

This is my favorite song by the Stones. For me, it’s the complete package of sound, lyrics, and message.

June 30th

Now, I’m the King of the Swinger’s Ball
Jungle V I.P.
Well, I reached the top and had to stop
And that’s what’s bothering me

from “I Wanna Be Like You” by Big Bad Voodoo Daddy

I really dig swing music and Big Bad Voodoo Daddy’s take on “The Jungle Book” tune is simply awesome.


July 1st

I yelled back when I heard thunder
But I’m down to one last breath

from “One Last Breath” by Creed

One of my favorites from Creed. Scott Stapp’s voice perfectly injects the anguish of a man looking death in the eyes and pleading for help.

July 2nd

Now you’re not the only one in the world that has problems
Keep your head straight and you can surely solve them

from “Do The Right Thing” by Redhead Kingpin & The FBI

Problems come and go…and everybody has them sooner or later.  Some have them more often than others, and some have more serious ones.  Keep calm, or not, and know that there is almost always a way past them, even if it means asking for help.

This is the video for the original version of the song in which he “counts off” areas around New York, but with the audio for the Happiness remix laid over it where he “counts off” countries around the world.

July 3rd

No lyrics…listening to the soundtrack to Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone

composed by John Williams

John Williams continues to prove he can capture the essence of a story in his compositions.  The opening notes bring to life the sound of magic.

“…people understand” – a quote by Jim Croce

In reference to a foreign exchange tour he and his band made, Jim Croce once said:

We just ate what the people ate, lived in the woods, and played our songs. Of course they didn’t speak English over there, but if you mean what you’re singing, people understand.

Music truly is The Universal Language.  Music conveys emotion, which is part of the appeal of Classical music…no words, just well-conceived, well-played music that tells its story magnificently.

More to Jim Croce’s point, he’s right about language not being a barrier to understanding and appreciating songs. You don’t have to speak the same language.  If the singer has any talent and puts any passion into their singing, you can feel the emotion.  In small, intimate settings, the singer’s facial expressions and body language take us one step further toward understanding.

Meaning what you’re singing leads to pouring your heart and soul into your music, which leads to universal understanding of your message.

Monday’s #MorningMusic Wrap-Up – June 22 – 28, 2015

June 22nd

Maniac brainiac winnin’ the game
I’m the lyrical Jessie James

from “The Power” by Snap!

I don’t know about Jessie James, but this song has a great dance beat and catchy lyrics…and it has “The Power”.

June 23rd

Last week, he took all my money
And it may sound funny
But I come to get my money back

from “You Don’t Mess Around With Jim” by Jim Croce

I love Jim Croce’s folksy rock sound and he had a great ability to tell whole stories in just a few verses and a chorus.

June 23rd  (it’s a two-fer)

It’s like the more you give, the more I want
And baby, that’s no lie

from “Can’t Get Enough of Your Love, Babe” by Barry White

This has a classic 70s sound, catchy lyrics, and Barry’s deep voice.  It’s no wonder it was a #1 hit.

June 25th

Tell you straight – no intervention
To your face – no deception

from “Would I Lie To You” by Eurythmics

Annie Lennox has such a powerful voice and I really dig the tempo of this one.

June 26th

And I meant, every word I said
When I said that I love you
I meant that I love you forever

from “Keep On Loving You” by REO Speedwagon

REO Speedwagon’s got a sound all their own and it’s not just due to Kevin Cronin’s distinctive vocals.  I am completely on board with the “I love you forever”.


Monday’s #MorningMusic Wrap-Up – June 15 – 21, 2015

June 16th

I thought that they were angels
Much to my surprise
We climbed aboard their starship
We headed for the skies

from “Come Sail Away” by Styx

Styx is one of my favorite rock bands and this song (especially the album version) is a fantastic showcase of Dennis DeYoung’s vocals and the band’s harmonies.  I love the twist in the song.

June 17th

There’s a king on a throne with his eyes drawn out
there’s a blind man looking for a shadow of doubt

from “King of Pain'” by The Police

There is some great imagery in this song which combined with the original music to create a brilliantly dreary atmosphere.

This won’t replace the original version as my favorite, but it’s pretty cool…and shows that Lady Gaga actually has a bit of vocal talent.

June 18th

We’ll get into grooving
Love your body language
Baby, let me know
You’ve got me sort of anxious

from “Let It Whip” by Dazz Band

“Danceable Jazz”. This Grammy-winning song by the Dazz Band has such a great sound.

June 19th

Yeah, we walk through a world that we don’t understand
When I look in your eyes, I’m just happy I can

from “Beautiful World” by Bon Jovi

A great upbeat sound chock full of positive lyrics. Everything’s not pretty or perfect, but it’s a world full of beauty and wonder!


Monday’s #MorningMusic Wrap-Up – June 8 – 14, 2015

June 8th

The road has got me hypnotized
And I’m spinning into a new sunrise

from “Radar Love” by White Lion

Been there. Done that. It’s not so much fun as you get older.

June 9th

But I still believe
I still believe
Through the pain
And through the grief

from “I Still Believe” by Tim Capello

A great song from a great vampire movie.

June 10th

Oh I knew there’d be hell to pay
But that crossed my mind a little too late

from “What Was I Thinkin'” by Dierks Bentley

There are consequences to everything…try to engage your brain before letting the ‘little head’ takes over.

June 11th

It’s funny how life turns out
The odds of faith in the face of doubt
Camera One closes in
The soundtrack starts, the scene begins

from “Camera One” by Josh Joplin

Not exactly a great “pick me up” song, but its subtle message of keeping the faith and not giving in to despair is a good one.  Everyone has periods of darkness, bad times.  If you cut your life short, you’ll never have a chance to see the other side.

June 12th

The time was 6 o’clock
On the Swatch watch
No time to chill, got a date
Can’t be late

from “Do Me!” by Bell Biv Devoe

Being late is never good, especially for a date.  It gives the impression that you don’t really value your date or their time.  Make sure your Swatch is keeping an accurate time.  Maybe wear three or four just to be sure.


Monday’s #MorningMusic Wrap-Up – June 1 – 7, 2015

June 1st

My mind is tellin’ me no
but my body, my body’s tellin’ me yes

from “Bump & Grind” by R. Kelly

Our mind may know what’s not good for us, but those darned pheromones too often get access to the “Override” button.

June 2nd

Hey, suddenly we’re strangers
I watch you walking away
She was my one temptation
Oh I did not want her to stay

from “I’ve Been Thinking About You” by Londonbeat

A little extracurricular canoodling causes problems, yes?

The video does not have the album version (which I prefer) of the music/instrumentation, but if you’ve never heard it before, you can still dig the vocals.  It’s a shame this group didn’t do more.

June 3rd

But our love went overboard
Lifeboat lies lost at sea
I’ve been trying to reach your shore
Waves of doubt keep drowning me

from “Lessons in Love” by Level 42

Tough to have a great relationship built on lies…even if the lies are to yourselves.

Cheesy 80s video lip sync, but I love the song.

June 4th

Two balls and a bat, a pitcher with a hat
Slidin’ into home base, tryin’ to hit a home run
Swing batta batta batta batta batta swing!

from “Come Baby Come” by K7

Yep, gotta love a baseball analogy for getting booty, right?

June 5th

So now I walk in the midday sun
I never thought that my savior would come
I think it’s amazing
I think you’re amazing

from “Amazing” by George Michael

Sometimes, when we’ve given up on love, sworn it off and stopped looking, is when our soul’s mate comes into our life.  Don’t be so jaded as to not accept them.



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