Hard to say goodbye

No, nobody died that I’m personally acquainted with or related to. And this isn’t a post about recent celebrity deaths or the death of anyone else.

It’s about selling a car. Yes, a car. Not a flashy car or one I built/rebuilt. Just a sporty little Mazda 3s that I mostly drove back and forth to work.

Specifically, it’s about fifteen years of having and driving that car. It’s passing thoughts about nursing it along as it slowly began to fail me these last few years: air conditioning that would work when it felt like it; oil burning off slowly (cleanly?) enough that it didn’t make smoke, but didn’t drip on the driveway; the driver’s side power window sometimes sticking like it wasn’t going to come back up; a sunroof that would popup, but no longer slide open; and a mysterious leak that would leave my floor mats soaked for days after a good rain.

More important, though, are the memories I have that involve my little zoom-zoom car: toddlers in car seats smiling and giggling and crying and puking and getting crumbs all over the back seat; driving my daughters to and from school and activities from elementary, middle and high school; hundreds of trips to ref soccer matches, dozens with my older daughter, and a handful with both daughters; eating my lunch while changing my wet socks with the heater going full blast between game sets reffing at a freezing and rainy soccer tournament; teaching both of the girls to drive; and opera nights and other date nights with my wife. It’s the car that I used to take to the vet both of the dogs we’ve had to put to sleep so they wouldn’t suffer any longer…and then wept in before I could compose myself to drive home.

Many, many hours spent behind the wheel and lots of memories over these past fifteen years. While it was time to get a new car and I’m happy with it so far, it was a bit sad saying goodbye to my little Mazda.

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