Monday’s #MorningMusic Wrap-Up – July 27 – August 2, 2015

July 27th

Baby as our lives unfold
There’s no telling where we’ll go
But as far as I can see, it’ll be you and me

from “Forever Road” by Darius Rucker

Me and my baby against the world.

July 28th

Everybody needs a little place they can hide
Somewhere to call their own
Don’t let nobody inside

from “Shelter Me” by Cinderella

Cinderella transcends “hair band”, especially on this song.  It’s got it all, a great beat, rockin’ bluesy guitars, Tom’s raspy voice, sax solos, and even a Little Richard in the video.  The message in this song is spot on, as well…we all need a little shelter.

July 29th

It ain’t pretty
After the show
It ain’t pretty when the pretty leaves you
With no place to go

from “Pretty Vegas” by INXS

This song fits so perfectly this week since a large group of folks from my high school descended on Vegas this weekend for a reunion…and also because INXS was hugely popular when we were in high school.

July 30th

And when my mind is free
You know a melody can move me
And when I’m feelin’ blue
The guitar’s comin’ through to soothe me

from “Drift Away” by Uncle Kracker

Such a great remake.  I love the way Uncle Kracker brought Dobie Gray in to sing rather than simply covering the song.  Very cool.  I completely relate to these lines.  Good music, good lyrics…they can take you away, refresh you, and bring you back ready to face the day.


July 31st

Captain America’s been torn apart
Now he’s a court jester with a broken heart

from “Paradise City” by Guns ‘N Roses

Amazing that this song released in 1988 and America seems to be worse off now than it was back then.  Were GNR a bit prophetic?  America certainly seems to have more internal, civil strife.  Has America become a joke on the global stage?

Monday’s #MorningMusic Wrap-Up – July 6 – 19, 2015

two weeks worth…and a day late

July 7th

What will I find in this fantasy?
If I go with you now will you set me free?

from “I Surrender (To the Spirit of the Night)” by Samantha Fox

Sure, this is bubble gum pop, but she was hot, the music’s catchy and upbeat, and you can hear her accent when she’s singing.


July 8th

I count the falling tears
They fall before my eyes
Seems like a thousand years
Since we broke the ties

from “Nobody’s Fool” by Cinderella

This was the first song I heard by Cinderella, one of my favorite hair bands. Tom Keifer’s raspy voice gives such emotion to their bluesy sound. Love it!



July 9th

Time goes by
No time to cry
Life’s you and I
Alive today

from “Up Where We Belong” by Joe Cocker and Jennifer Warnes

The love song from An Officer and A Gentleman, this song is all about struggling on, persevering, in the face great adversity…in love and life, in general, and is a perfect parallel to the story in the movie. Boiled down, the last two lines above say it all: “Life’s you and I, alive today.”

July 10th

Yes I am a pirate, two hundred years too late
The cannons don’t thunder, there’s nothing to plunder
I’m an over-forty victim of fate

from “A Pirate Looks at 40” by Jimmy Buffett

While everyone loves the catchy, upbeat songs, I find that I prefer some of Jimmy’s more mellow, thoughtful, and introspective songs.  This one is loosely based on a friend of his named Phil Clark.

The video is set to start at the two and a half minute mark where he begins singing.  If you want to hear about Phil Clark, start it from the beginning.

July 13th

And we may have done a little bit of fighting amongst ourselves,
but you outside people best leave us alone.

from “In America” by Charlie Daniels

Written as a reaction to the problems that had been plaguing America throughout the 70’s, especially the late 70’s, Charlie Daniels warned others around the world that the U.S. wasn’t about to fall, and that we’d come together when to get through our problems. This certainly came true after the attacks in 2001. The nation united in seeking justice or revenge or whatever you prefer to call it because the “outside people” forgot to “leave us alone”.

July 14th

I don’t need to a superman
As long as you will always be my biggest fan

from “Heaven” by Warrant

A great rock ballad from another of my favorite hair bands. These lines hold true for everyone who’s been in love and has the support of their loved one.

July 16th

I’ll miss you
Kiss you
Give you my coat when you are cold

Need you
Feed you
Even let ya hold the remote control

from “Grow Old With You” by Adam Sandler

This quirky little tune from The Wedding Singer is a collection of the little things that make relationships work. Relationships aren’t just about buying expensive gifts or taking extravagant trips. They are built on love, caring, and the day to day courtesies and respect. Taking care of each other. Loving each other. Wanting to grow old with each other.

July 17th

I’ve got a job waiting for my graduation
Fifty thou a year buys a lot of beer
Things are going great and they’re only getting better

from “The Future’s So Bright (I Gotta Wear Shades)” by Timbuk 3

I first heard this on the soundtrack to The Allnighter, a late 80’s flick with the scrumptious Susanna Hoffs and Dedee Pfeiffer…not that them being hot has anything to do with the song, but it did make the movie bearable. While the writers of the song intended it to be more of a grim, warning-ish song about the dangers of nuclear war, the popular, radio release version didn’t really come across that way and has been championed as the upbeat, positive outlook song of choice for a lot of people.

Music Monday – When the Children Cry

It won’t take a genius to figure out where the choice of songs for this post came from, but in case you live under a rock or are reading this years from now, this week’s Music Monday was influenced by the deaths of twenty-eight people, mostly children, at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Connecticut last Friday, by an obviously unhinged youth on a killing spree.  Aside from his mother working at the school, there appears at this point to be no reason for doing what he did.  It’s still all over the news and a simple Internet search will provide much more detail than I’m going to go into here.  I can’t stop anyone’s pain, but this week I’ve selected a couple songs with lyrics that fit the moment and a final tune…a dirge.
Little child, dry your crying eyes
How can I explain the fear you feel inside?
‘Cause you were born Into this evil world
Where man is killing man and no one knows just why
When the Children Cry – White Lion
White Lion’s song, about all the death and destruction we adults are causing and doing without a care for what it will leave our children, was intended to cause a bit of reflection of on the part of the offending adults.  It could be said that it failed at that.  The world is probably more dangerous now than when the song was penned, with just slightly less chance of nuclear war…at this particular moment, anyway.  It’s a beautiful song, though.
I know it’s hard
In a world gone mad
To find the truth
To understand
And I know it’s hard
To turn the page
To walk the line
To have the faith

Through the Rain – Cinderella

I know it’s easy for me to sound so sensible since I’m mostly removed from the horror of the events at Sandy Hook Elementary School.  I have absolutely no idea what state I’d be in if I’d have lost a loved one, especially a child, in such an inexplicable manner.  And we will likely never really know the cause.  We’ll speculate and theorize and argue for and against gun control and safer schools and better identification and tracking of psychological problems, but in the end, it won’t bring these victims back to their families.  Hopefully, the parents and loved ones of all the victims will find some sort of peace, some small measure of hope, some slight ray of sunshine through the rain.
Flowers of the Forest  (a dirge on bagpipe)
This Scottish folk tune has been around since at least the early 1600s and is known to many simply as The Lament.  Per Wikipedia: “Due to the content of the lyrics and the reverence for the tune, it is one of the few tunes that many pipers will only perform at funerals or memorial services, and only practice it in private or to instruct other pipers.”  I feel it is an apt song to close with today.

Music Monday – Slippery When Wet

I finally found at work about two months ago when started having bandwidth problems and because I’m too cheap to pay Pandora to get more than the 40 hours of free music a month.  My first iHeartRadio station, naturally, was their 80s station.  Awesome!  I also played their 60s station, Bluestown, and Jammin’ Oldies.

A couple weeks ago, I saw Slippery When Wet in the station list.  Bon Jovi being my favorite band, I checked it out.  It plays hair, flair, classic metal, 80s hard, heavy and speed metal, among other rock types.  There’s plenty of Crue, Priest, Maiden, Ozzy, Cinderella, Rush, Sammy, Ratt, and, of course, Bon Jovi.  Dokken, Sabbath, Dio, Scorps, Leppard, and Riot also get lots of play.  So far, I’ve also learned that Queen and Styx are verboten because the Classic Rock station plays them to death. Grunge doesn’t make the list either.

How’d I get some of the specifics?  While listening to the broadcast, a “commercial” came on letting listeners know that they could become friends with Slippery When Wet through Facebook and make requests “like this instant Facebook request.”  Really?  Yep.  I hit Facebook, searched for Slippery When Wet, liked the page, and submitted a request.  I logged out of Facebook and was expecting to wait for a while, but as soon as the song that had already been playing finished, my request hit the airwaves.  I was stoked.  Talk about responsive to his listeners.  I logged back into Facebook and he’d commented on my request, welcoming me to Slippery When Wet and told me that he tries to respond as quickly as possible unless work pulls him away.  [At this point, I’m not sure if he somehow manages to run this stati0n while holding down some other full-time job or if he’s in the music business.]  I was hooked.  I posted a status update about the station and how cool it is.

So, about the specifics…  I made a few requests and learned about the classic rock prohibition.  I made a few more requests and asked a few questions.  He played “See You In Hell” in response to my request for Grim Reaper, played Slade’s “Run Runaway”, said Damn Yankees was good in response to my request for Styx.  He didn’t have Cinderella’s “Through the Rain”, but he played “Bad Seamstress Blues/Fallin’ Apart at the Seams“. He didn’t have Zed Yago, but hooked me up when I asked for Steelheart’s “I’ll Never Let You Go”.

Honestly, I don’t know if the person answering the requests on Facebook is a guy or a girl or a group of folks, but the announcer’s voice on the commercials is male and it’s that voice I hear when I’m reading the comments/posts on the Facebook page.

If you like metal, hard rock, and hair/flair/glamour rock, give Slippery When Wet radio a listen on iHeartRadio.  You’ll probably like it!

Music Monday – The More Things Change

This week’s post is inspired by high school class reunions…

I attended my wife’s Nth class reunion this weekend.  While it wasn’t the most exciting time for me, she had fun meeting up with a bunch of folks she hadn’t seen in a while.  I had more fun on the ride home listening to her talk about everyone.  Who’d done this or that since high school, who was still a bitch, and who thought they looked good, but really didn’t.  Probably the same stuff everyone else was talking about on their rides home.  Being the wallflower all night, I got to watch people faces change from talking to someone’s face to snarling once they turned around.  Sad.
The more things change
the more they stay the same.
Everyone’s your brother till you turn the other way.
Thinking about that made me think of this song.  It doesn’t matter how much time goes by, people are who they are.  Most aren’t capable of changing even if they had an epiphany and realized how much of a turd they were.  Time may go by, but people stay pretty much the same, regardless of how their life has gone, for better or worse.

The More Things Change

Everyone’s heard it, most people have probably said it:

The more things change, the more they stay the same.

On the whole, it’s true.  As long as man has been around, people have been killing people, religions have waged wars on each other, and people have discriminated and been discriminated against.  New technologies have been invented (going back centuries, not just in the Information Age) which may alter how some things are done to speed some them up, or slow other them down, or eliminate the need for some things altogether.  But even as something is no longer needed, a new requirement crops up.  There are exceptions, of course, but generally…

Oak Tree Pollen thingamagigsI experienced this first hand today.  I mowed the weeds in the front yard then got out the blower and spent another few hours blowing the annoying oak tree flowers/pollen distributors/whatever-the-heck-you-call-them from the back , side, and front yard.  This entailed about six (crappy) clear plastic yard bags and enough for another bag simply dumped into the trash can just as the trash truck got to our street.  By the time I finished the side and front Oak Tree Thingamagigs 2yards, the back deck and walkway were already starting to look like I hadn’t done them.  By the time my wife got home from work, the front porch and driveway also looked like they had been done two days ago.  Amazing…and I was thinking/hoping that this had passed.

Another “…the more they stay the same” instance:  washing the car.  I wash it and within a few days, it already has a new layer of dust or bird poop.

I know these aren’t really deep thoughts, but it just kind of bugged me today after spending all that time working on the yard to find it half-covered by the oak things.

In leaving…here’s Cinderella with “The More Things Change”

Rockin’ Blues

Well, this hot chick I know has been diggin’ the Blues lately.  She’s hoping to get into a class over the summer down in Mississippi learning about the Blues, its roots, its legends, and the way of life down there in the Delta.  So she’s been checking out more of the Muddy Waters kind of blues.  While I like Muddy and BB and John Lee Hooker, I also like the more rockin’ infused blues.  Here are a few for ya to listen to…

Madison Blues (live) by George Thorogood & the Destroyers

The Sky Is Crying (live) by Gary Moore

Bad Seamstress Blues/Falling Apart at the Seams by Cinderella

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