Vacation 2012 – Avon – Day Five

Day Five’s itinerary: yoga, not-the-pool or beach

Ok…so…it’s now beginning to be kind of a joke that we’re going to make it to yoga, right?

We had another everyone-sit down-and-eat-together breakfasts this morning followed by a brief discussion about where we wanted to go today, then got ready and were out the door by ten thirty or so.  We headed north back toward the Waves, Salvo, Rodanthe area.

We stopped and shopped at a building that housed a Surfside Casual, a couple other stores that we didn’t visit and a coffee shop.  The coffee shop had a different name, but it was a little bigger, brighter version of Uglie Mugs, complete with the same mugs all over as decor.  They had a bigger room and selection of beads and a bigger area for sitting after ordering your beverage of choice….which, for me, was another Dane Bramage, hot this time.  Mmmmm.  Have I mentioned, Mmmmmm?  Hot or over ice, this is one yummy drink.  I must have more.  Oh, hello…I kind of zoned there.  The Inn At RodantheThe folks in the shop also provided directions to the house from “Nights in Rodanthe” which my wife and mother in-law wanted to see.

We left the shops and headed to “The House” in Rodanthe.  It was rather unimpressive, especially since it was moved from its original location and is now in the midst of other houses, has bright blue shutters and plenty of folks pulling up at all hours of the day to take pictures.  On bad weather days, you might even need a 4 x 4 to check it out as the road is unpaved and has rather large dips that create quite the water hazard.  I’m not really sure what the draw is, anyway.  It’s not like the house is pretty.  There are some much prettier beach homes with more land and much, much better views.

After our too long visit (about 5 minutes) to The Inn at Rodanthe, we headed back to the Pirate shop we had passed.  This is a tiny little building, not much bigger than two old school, drive-up photo marts and, true to its name, it is all about pirates…pirate flags (with a chart indicating which flag was flown by which pirate), pirate window decals, books on pirates, flasks with pirate logos, kid games with pirate themes, etc.

Pea Island Art GalleryWhen left the pirate shop it was still too early to eat lunch so we scooted on past Good Winds, the restaurant we enjoyed on Sunday, and headed to the art gallery my wife wanted to visit, Pea Island Art Gallery…just about the last thing you can visit before leaving the Rodanthe/Salvo/Waves area and heading south to Avon.  Viewing the building from the outside can be misleading as it looks much bigger than it really is.  It has a very high ceiling, but is only one story.  That one story is packed about as fully as possible, though.  While I can appreciate the time that went into most of the art, but most of it didn’t speak to me.  I did find a few reproductions of artist originals that I liked and My wife and I ended up buying a small reproduction.

From the art gallery, we cruised the fifteen minutes or so back to Avon and hit the Dolphin Den for lunch.  The prices were very reasonable and the sandwiches were good.  I had the cuban and my wife had caprese bacon sandwich.  I guess I was the only one in our party not annoyed by the group who came in shortly after us with very loud children who also kept kicking the seatback we shared.

That put a wrap on our adventures for the day.  We headed home (to the cottage) and got cleaned up.  Prior to leaving on our trip, I had prepped a few steaks.  While everyone lounged around, I prepared and then began cooking the potatoes and frying the steaks because the grill was absolutely disgusting.

As I was working on the dinner prep, out elder daughter came upstairs and reported that the female puppy, Juliet, had eaten a little white pill.  We had no idea what it was so we kept an eye on her and continued on with our preparation, cooking, etc.   The after effects of that pill will be discussed in the next two blog posts on our vacation.

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