Monday’s #MorningMusic Wrap-Up – March 30 – April 5, 2015

March 30th

I tell you my friend I’m scared to death I don’t know me anymore
I feel like I’m one step from the last step from the bottom


from “Lucky One” by Mike Corrado

PTSD is a bitch.  This song is about how folks come back emotionally scarred from deployments, especially combat tours.


March 31st

So remember when you tell those little white lies
That the night has a thousand eyes

from “The Night has a Thousand Eyes” by Bobby Vee

Such a catchy tune with a warning for those thinking about creeping around on their SOs.


April 1st

In a way I know my heart is waking up
As all the walls come tumbling down

from “Breathe” by Faith Hill

Can’t you feel the magic floating in the air?  This is such a great song and I can identify with this line.  I knew when I had found my soul mate.  The change in my mood, my feelings, my outlook was truly like “waking up”.  It showed me that relationships I’d been in previously were not the right ones.  The heart knows when it finds its match.



April 2nd

Let go of your mind
Your Intuition
It’s easy to find
Just follow your heart baby

from “Intuition” by Jewel

Funny that I picked this song and lyric in the same week as ‘Breathe’.  Don’t over-think things.  The hearts wants what the heart wants.


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