Vacation 2012 – Avon – Day Three

Day Three’s itinerary: yoga

Well, we didn’t make it to yoga this morning, but we’re going to make it tomorrow if we don’t have thunderstorms.   We just enjoyed our coffee and the view from the cottage.  Eventually, everyone woke up and got their own breakfast and we headed to the Beach Klub at Koru Village pool again.  We stayed there a little longer today than yesterday, even wandering down to the beach for a quick peek at the rough waves.  The pool was quite a bit busier today.  The family we met yesterday from Pennsylvania made it out a while before we headed out, and we met another family from Canada.

We left the pool and hit Food Lion on the way back to the cottage to eat lunch.  We ate, got cleaned up, and headed further south today to visit Buxton, Frisco, and Hatteras.  We stopped at Buxton Village Books,  a tiny little building jammed full of books.  Their used books were a good price, but most of their new hardcover books were more expensive than you’ll pay on Amazon.  They do have a big collection of books about the Outer Banks and North Carolina.  We continued on and stopped at a Surfside Casuals store which ended up nothing more than a diversion since we didn’t buy from them.  We drove on down to the ferry, but didn’t take it.  Instead, we shopped at the little village shops.

Inn on Pamlico Sound's dinner view

On the way back, we stopped at the Inn on Pamlico Sound for dinner.  We were a little concerned that we might be under dressed, but seated outside, it wasn’t a problem. The view was spectacular and the food was very good…pricey, but very good.  The only down side was the annoying little may/horse/deer fly that kept buzzing around, keeping us all swatting at it…so we skipped dessert and headed back to the cottage.

Night three ended a little earlier than the last two.

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