Friday the 13th – Jan 2012 (P366D13)

Not that I’m superstitious, but as I run down the things that happened today, I have to think that Friday the 13th wasn’t such an unlucky day.  Traffic getting to work was smooth.  I only had two or three emails waiting on me, no phone messages.  Was able to take care of the few requests that came in via email fairly quickly.  Played soccer during lunch.  Made decent progress on a project I’m working..could be due to the lack of disturbance today.  Got to leave a little early.  Visited my aunt briefly, picked up Chinese food for dinner.  Snuggled and chatted with the fam before putting the girls to bed, then watched one of my favorite TV shows with my wife.  Started on this post just before midnight and will be heading to bed in a few minutes.

In all, the worst part of the day would be that I just couldn’t seem to put the ball in the net during soccer.  Made some great passes, though.

If that’s the only thing I have to contend with on Fridays the 13th, sign me up for future ones like this now.

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