Music Monday – Laborious Music

In honor of Labor Day, the focus of today’s Music Monday post is songs that are about work of different sorts or about not wanting to work.

The all day, every day, up early, work all day, worn out by the time you get home kind of drudgery of work was the subject of Lee Dorsey‘s Working in the Coal Mine, which Devo later covered.

Todd Rundgren also sings about having a job he doesn’t like with a boss whose head he imagines his drum is when he’s banging on it when he gets home while dreaming of not having to be at work in Bang the Drum All Day.

Cameo sang about how his woman made him work…and the daily grind wasn’t as bad as how tough it was to make her love him in You Make Me Work.

A big hit for Loverboy had them Working for the Weekend.

Finally, we have a group who are all about Business As UsualMen At Work.

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