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Wendigo WoodsWendigo Woods, the Flashy fiction Friday writing prompt for 17 October 2014 is waiting for you at Creative Bloomings’ Flashy Fiction Friday.

You find yourself at Wendigo Woods.  Head over to Flashy Fiction Friday and share your story.

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Verbolten Tours Wreckage

Cautionstay out of the Black Forest…bad thing happen to drivers on Verbolten Tours who find themselves there.  When the hapless don’t heed our warning, we frequently find our tour cars like the one pictured above…crashed and devoid of driver and passenger.  Please help us keep our cars in good working order.
Verbolten's final drop

Verbolten is a new ride scheduled to debut at the World’s Most Beautiful Park (21 years running),  Busch Gardens Williamsburg on May 18th.  From the videos and news I’ve seen and read on the Internet, from Busch Garden’s own releases, I think my first paragraph captures the basic “theme” of the ride.  You ride along in “Classic German Sports Cars” (pictured below) on a tour that finds you in trouble as you end up in the Black Forest…where you’ve been warned not to go.

Verbolten replaces the beloved Big Bad Wolf which was retired a couple years ago.  Verbolten promises special surprises for riders, in addition to a 1.8 second span of weightlessness.  They are also intentionally adding lateral g-forces during portions of the ride to provide more of that sports car in a high speed turn feel…something most coasters don’t do.  Building on the same location as the wolf, though, allowed them to make use of (practically) the same final drop (pictured right).  This ride also isn’t going to make use of the standard “first climb for one big memorable drop” approach as most coasters.  They are hoping it will be a ride where you will have difficulty picking one part that is your favorite.

I can’t wait.

Verbolten's "Classic German Sports Cars" in their "garage"

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