Review: Prometheus

So this is billed as a sort of prequel to Alien.  Not a direct prequel.  It isn’t the events that immediately precede the first movie from 1979, but is sets up another installment or two of prequels that could take us to Alien.

Prometheus really tries to pit evolution vs. creation, science vs. belief and, to a degree, it succeeds.  It tries to force the creationists to answer the question, “If you were shown that you were a science experiment, where you really evolved from, would you still believe in God?”  Based solely on this movie, you’d have to give this round to (spoiler alert) the science-minded, except that (another spoiler) the only survivor is the True Believer.

The first preview I recall seeing showed a love scene, and I thought, “What the Hell?  Really?  Do we need to porn up every movie now?  Crap!”  Luckily, it didn’t figure prominently in later trailers, nor in the movie.  I was happy.  If it’s integral to the plot, fine, let’s see some T&A, but to just throw it in as a tease to get young folks into a movie is ridiculous.  Let them surf porn if they need to see it that badly.

While the movie had some slick visuals, I found myself thinking, “I know our technology has improved so we can make things looks much more slick than we could back in the late 70’s, but this ship looks much more advanced than the ones in the movies that are supposed to later.”  Maybe it would cost more to make ships and special effects look like they are from the “time period” they should based on a movie-based timeline or maybe they don’t care because they only care about pleasing the new generations who may not have seen the original movie(s) anyway.

Bottom line:  Prometheus is a good base movie for (I’m guessing) another one or two “prequels” to Alien.  It moves along at a good pace, has decent acting, decent action scenes, and poses more questions than it answers.  Finally, I didn’t feel like I’d wasted my money or two hours of my life when I left the theater.  If you like sci-fi, especially if you’re an Alien fan, you should catch it in the theater, maybe during a matinee to save a couple bucks.

Prometheus – Second Trailer

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