McManis is Magnificent!

We had a new Total Wine & More open near us so we headed up there on Saturday to check it out.  We had a tasting of Williamsburg Winery wines (two whites and a red), a tasting of Spanish wines (three reds and two whites) and I tasted a few beers from St. George’s and some brewery from North Carolina.

As we’d just about dinished perusing the store, looking and selecting a number of bottles, the store began setting up another tasting.  There was a white, the McManis pictured above, and The Prisoner, which doesn’t normally get tastes as it goes for about $40 a bottle.  I’m glad we waited for the guy to finish setting up.  Wow!  The McManis is a fantastic Cabernet Sauvignon.  It has replaced my previous favorite, Annefield Vineyards (and a good thing since they went out of business), and will likely be my new go to wine since it’s regular price is less than $10.

The Prisoner, btw, on hit my “it’s okay” meter, which certainly isn’t high enough for me to spend almost $40 on it.

I highly recommend McManis.  I know wine is highly subjective, but it’s certainly worth you givng it a taste.


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