Chip Your Boss

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) chips are used for tracking, as well as to store and communicate info on some biometric devices.

 So, last week, while we stood around at work, out of our cubes, at the designated congregation point, awaiting the “big boss” to show up and present an award, I got to thinking how much time we waste waiting for bosses to show up…to present awards, conduct meetings, give keynote speeches, etc.
 Why don’t we RFID these folks?  I’m not saying they should be implanted with chips, but that’s a possibility, too, I suppose.  A simpler approach would be a mobile, pocket-able dongle/card/clip-on/whatever that could track their whereabouts.  If you know they’re supposed to be coming into your area, you login to some system that shows their current location.  When they get close enough, you rally the troops so they’re in place for the dog and pony show when the boss walks in, but they don’t stand around, unproductive, hoping the boss is on time.
Now, the security nuts will scream that the system could be hacked and the location of the boss learned by people with potentially nefarious purposes.  Possibly.  So, maybe you have a handful of RFID trackers and the one assigned to the boss is chosen randomly every day.  Or, maybe the tracking system is only used on a closed network, removed from Internet connectivity…maybe even a standalone computer.  The person running that system would then have the task of alerting those expecting a visit of the boss’s ETA.  You could even have an on/off switch to only activate the tracker when the boss is on the move.
If there’s always someone with the boss, an assistant or an entire entourage, you might think it would be just as easy to chip (one of) them up, but here’s where you can run into false alerts.  Say the boss has a meeting somewhere in your building that’s near your office.  While the boss attends the meeting, the chipped up assistant runs to the restroom that’s near your office, or decides to give you a heads up about the boss being there soon.  You note the movement of the tracker toward your office, earlier than expected, and sound the *Code 10 to get everyone in place quickly…only to find out it’s the assistant.
It’s probably better to just stick with the boss being “chipped” and, really, how many bad guys are out there aiming to take out your boss vs. how much time is wasted by overly concerned under-bosses having their folks waste time waiting on the big boss?
*Code 10 scene from Lean on Me


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