World Suicide Prevention Day

Well, apparently the President Proclamation* naming September 10th to be World Suicide Prevention Day isn’t overly news-worthy. I have news on just about all day and didn’t hear anything about it.  I understand that it’s a day that’s supposed to make people focus on the issue, just like National Suicide Prevention Week is supposed to bring focus on the problem for a whole week.  I’m sure there’s also a suicide prevention month, but here’s the problem…

Suicide happens every day.

Suicides happen every day.

Multiple suicides happen every day.

Okay…did you get that yet?


Too many people take their own lives every day.


Suicide is a big problem in the United States, and around the world.

I’m not talking about those who have terminal illness who’ve thought rationally about their decision to end their life, their suffering, with as much dignity as they can.  I’m sure those are also included in the statistics, but they aren’t really the focus of this post.

The suicides that concern me are the ones in which someone reaching out to the individual considering taking their own life might have made a difference.  I’m writing this for the people out there who have trouble in their life that they just don’t see a way through, whether it’s problems in school, home life, bullying, PTSD, finances, and any myriad other issues.  In most instances, the person struggling just can’t see past their problem(s).  Many times, all it takes is someone intervening, talking to them, showing them that they aren’t the only person dealing with that problem…giving them hope, showing them that there is a way through the trouble.

Is it a guarantee that intervening will prevent every suicide?  Of course not, but it’s certainly worth trying.

Learn to recognize the signs of someone considering suicide.

Learn the risk factors.

Get involved!

Keep it going all year, not just for a month, a week, or a day.

You can make a difference.

You could save a life.


Here’s a Music Monday post I wrote a few years ago:  Music Monday – Don’t Try Suicide.  The discussion of the last video, Lucky One by Mike Corrado, talks briefly about PTSD.  The post also has a few links to websites focused on suicide prevention and information.

*I didn’t realize one country’s president can designate anything a Worldwide event, regardless of how important, but I guess our President’s ego is big enough to dictate such. 


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