Monday’s #MorningMusic Wrap-Up – June 22 – 28, 2015

June 22nd

Maniac brainiac winnin’ the game
I’m the lyrical Jessie James

from “The Power” by Snap!

I don’t know about Jessie James, but this song has a great dance beat and catchy lyrics…and it has “The Power”.

June 23rd

Last week, he took all my money
And it may sound funny
But I come to get my money back

from “You Don’t Mess Around With Jim” by Jim Croce

I love Jim Croce’s folksy rock sound and he had a great ability to tell whole stories in just a few verses and a chorus.

June 23rd  (it’s a two-fer)

It’s like the more you give, the more I want
And baby, that’s no lie

from “Can’t Get Enough of Your Love, Babe” by Barry White

This has a classic 70s sound, catchy lyrics, and Barry’s deep voice.  It’s no wonder it was a #1 hit.

June 25th

Tell you straight – no intervention
To your face – no deception

from “Would I Lie To You” by Eurythmics

Annie Lennox has such a powerful voice and I really dig the tempo of this one.

June 26th

And I meant, every word I said
When I said that I love you
I meant that I love you forever

from “Keep On Loving You” by REO Speedwagon

REO Speedwagon’s got a sound all their own and it’s not just due to Kevin Cronin’s distinctive vocals.  I am completely on board with the “I love you forever”.



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