The End of a Legacy

Funny how you can be having a great afternoon, jamming along at work, knocking things out, pop over to Facebook (yes, it’s the Devil) for a quick break, and get a case of the Blues.

What makes this really weird is that it doesn’t really affect my life.  The sad news was a post by the band teacher of my daughter’s middle school band in his closed group.  He announced that all the band students were called down to the auditorium this afternoon where he informed them that he will be leaving the school to take a job in a different area of the state.  This is my daughter’s last year at the school, so it’s her last year with this teacher anyway.

I guess what makes it emotional is that for the last six years, this teacher has been a rock star at this school.  Nothing but Superior ratings for the bands, including the Jazz Bands, and the Music in the Park competitions, at which his bands always brought home the overall points trophies, as well.  If I recall correctly, more than half of the All-City Band (middle school) was made up of his students, and he had the highest number of students make All-District, as well.

This amazing teacher, who won Teacher of the Year at his school and for the district this year, has instilled discipline and a passion for music in his students which is why they have grown and achieved so much under his guidance.

In his six short years, he’s built a legacy of music and a reputation for greatness for this school.

While we are sad to see him go, we wish him well in his future endeavors!


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