Monday’s #MorningMusic Wrap-Up – May 4 – 10, 2015

May 4th

How do you like me now?
How do you like me now?
Now that I’m on my way
Do you still think I’m crazy standing here today?

from “How do You Like Me Now?” by Toby Keith

For all those folks who never believed in their classmates or thought they’d never achieve their dreams.  How do you like me now?

May 5th

When I, you, and everyone we knew
Could believe, do, and share in what was true

from “Dance Hall Days” by Wang Chung

I’m not sure why exactly, but this is one of my favorite Eighties songs.

May 6th

Deep in her eyes,
I think I see the future.
I realize this is my last chance.

from “Shut Up and Dance” by Walk the Moon

This is my current favorite song.  I love the energy, the sound, and while there’s nothing super complicated or deep, the lyrics are cool, too.

Here’s the official video:

But this montage is really cool…

May 7th

When you get that feelin’, better start believin’
Cause it’s a miracle, oh say you will, ooh babe
Hysteria when you’re near

from “Hysteria” by Def Leppard

In an album full of much “harder” and louder songs, Hysteria sneaks in as a nice, melodic not-quite-ballad that perfectly describes the feeling you get when your heart’s desire is near.

May 8th

Life’s ambitions occupy my time
Priorities confuse the mind
Happiness one step behind
This inner peace I’ve yet to find

from “Hole Hearted” by Extreme

Caught up in the rat race, always on the go, unbalanced, and always trying to find that elusive happiness.


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