Deflategate: Does the punishment fit the crime?

There are probably not many folks who know me who don’t know that I don’t like Tom Brady, but if I’m being honest, this is a crock of crap.  They found nothing concrete, nothing specific, that said “Tom Brady said to deflate the balls” or “Tom Brady saw the balls being deflated and gave a thumbs up” or anything of the sort.  They inferred from texts, not his, that he likely had a general idea that something wasn’t right…and from this he gets a 4 game suspension.  I have no problem with the fine for the team or the loss of draft picks.  I hope the basis for the suspension was heavily on the side of not cooperating with the investigation and much less due to it being “‘more probable than not’ that Brady was ‘at least generally aware of the inappropriate activities'”.

The article:  Patriots’ Tom Brady suspended 4 games


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