Smoothing the Bumpy Ride

#ItWorksAdventureIt’s a bumpy ride as I compose my thoughts at multiple thousands of feet in the air on our return trip from Limelite 2015, which is fitting, I suppose, as I’m thinking about the roads behind and the one ahead.
Roads behind, but one ahead? Yep, and for a couple reasons:
Finances.  My wife and have always worked toward our financial goals as a couple, but we’ve had different jobs.  She was a school teacher for many years. I’ve worked in the IT field since before I met her.  We’ve both also had part time jobs at times…and still do.  We’ve seen times when we were making good money and times when things were tough. One lane on that bumpy road.
Health.  I’ve been able to avoid most of the pot holes in this lane, but for every one I miss, my wife seems to hit two.  I won’t go into detail here, but if you’d like to read about some of her issues, which include “invisible diseases” and a crazy long list of recently diagnosed food allergies, and how she deals with them, I encourage you to check out her blog, The Burned Hand.
So, two bumpy roads.  How are we going to turn them into one?  Through the financial power and health benefits of It Works!.  This company is debt free and growing by helping its members, its family, get debt free while helping themselves and others get more healthy.
My wife and I are going to focus on building our It Works! business together to smooth out and eliminate the financial bumps.    We’re going to be products of our own products, which will benefit our bodies:
  • How easy is it to drop powdered Greens or Greens on the Go into a bottle of water, shake it up, and drink down 8 servings of fruits and vegetables while helping alkalize the body? It’s a no brainer.
  • Got pain? We’ve got your Relief in a handy pill that beats the OTC brands…based on my personal experience.
  • And, of course,we have the Ultimate Body Applicator, aka “That Crazy Wrap Thing”…and it really works!
As we go forward on our adventure, we’re working toward real financial freedom, which is where the financial bumps disappear…and we’re able to retire me from my current full-time job, truly putting us on one road into our future.
Sound good? Join us! We’d love to bring you along on our #ItWorksAdventure!

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