It Works! That “Crazy Wrap Thing” really works!

Have you tried that “Crazy Wrap Thing”?

Maybe you’ve heard of It Works!  More than likely, you haven’t.  The company has been in business for over ten years now and has fantastic products, but there are soooo many people who’ve never heard of it.  Even folks who’ve heard of their flagship product, the “Crazy Wrap Thing“, don’t know the name of the company is It Works!

Why the name?

Before and After male
Before and After female

Well, simply because the Ultimate Body Applicator, a.k.a. that “Crazy Wrap Thing”, works.  Slap it on, wear it for a while, and Bam! –instant tightening and toning.  Yes, it’s like spot reducing, which those of us who’ve labored in a gym for years know, is practically impossible through exercise.  Now, truth be told, everyone’s metabolism and body chemistry is different, which is why if I was making  commercial for TV, I’d have to show the “Results may vary” disclaimer.  For some, they see results one their first application after only wearing the wrap for 45 minutes…and it’s fairly dramatic.  For others to see the same results, they have to use four wraps, which is considered one treatment (and how many come in the box), usually over the course of  four weeks.  The wraps can be used every 72 hours.  The best way to see the results is to take before pictures, take another after you take the wrap off (45 minutes to eight hours later), one day after applying it, and then three days after applying it.  The take the pics from the same angles and compare them side by side.  You’ll see why the it’s called It Works!

So, how does it do it?

The Ultimate Body Applicator is a sheet of non-woven cloth, just under two feet wide by about a foot tall, and coated with a botanically-based goo (yeah, I’m using big, technical words now) that helps tighten and tone the skin while helping to detoxify the cells in the area in which it permeates the skin.  While shaped to fit the abdomen/stomach, it can be used on other parts of the body, as a whole or cut to fit places like the arms, neck, thighs, and back.

Key Links:

In addition to the Ultimate Body Applicator, It Works! has many other fantastic products, which I’ll spotlight in future posts, including…

  • Hair Skin Nails
  • Greens/Greens on the Go
  • Relief
  • ThermoFit
  • Fat Fighters
  • Defining Gel

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