“Please don’t help people,” says the Humanist…or my beef with the anti-religious

This is the kind of crap that bugs the Hell out of me:  the atheists or humanists (or whatever you or they want to call them/themselves) who are so afraid that if a child is exposed to religion, they might fall down on their knees and become devout Believers on the spot, that they try to insert themselves into any instance where of school/church contact in the wrong way.

American Humanist Association demands students stop feeding starving kids

In this article/editorial, the Humanists are making an issue of a school that has partnered with a church to have the students help prepare “food boxes” for starving people in Haiti.  Apparently, one parent complained about this “service project” last year, and then complained again this year.  It does not say what the school system said or did in response to the complaint.

In this instance, my beef with the Humanists, who claim, as the anti-religion folks so frequently do, that this violates the State-church separation portion of the first amendment to the Constitution is this:  They say they don’t have a problem with the children doing a service project or that the service project is feeding starving people.  Their supposed issue is that it’s done at a church.  If that’s really the issue, maybe they should pony up some money and start up a service project that’s non-religious that accomplishes the same goal.  Unless and until there is a similar non-religious project for the schools to partner with, they need to shut the Hell up and leave the school alone.  Other than using religious terms for what they call the food boxes and symbols of their religion being seen by the children in the church, they are not being preached to or proselytized (based on the article).  If that is happening, then there is a valid complaint by the Humanists.  If not, get out of the way of kids learning to help others.



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