Music Monday – Love Thy Neighbor, revisited

In honor of Nelson Mandela’s passing, I’m reblogging my Music Monday post, Love Thy Neighbor, which included two anti-apartheid songs, Sun City by Artists United Against Apartheid, and Sing Our Own Song by UB40. RIP, Mr. Mandela. Your struggles impacted the world in positive ways!

Lorwynd's Thoughts

No, this isn’t a post about hooking up with the cutie across the hall or having a neighborhood swing-a-thon.  This week’s Music Monday is about caring for your fellow human beings, taking an interest in their plight and helping out in some way.  I’m not saying folks should take up arms to free the oppressed or spend their life savings feeding the poor or quitting their job and becoming a missionary.  I’m just saying you should recognize that, often, there is someone in a worse place in life than you are and that if a chance to help presents itself, consider doing so.
Tears in Heaven
Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne gathered an all-star group to cover Eric Clapton’s Tears in Heaven in 2005, with sales benefiting Disasters Emergency Committee.  The artists included Ozzy and Kelly Osbourne, Elton John, Andrea Bocelli, Mary J. Blige, Rod Stewart, Steven Tyler, and Slash…

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