Thanks,…or beneficial by-products of Good Idea Fairies

I always like it when I stumble across companies doing good.  This article is primarily about Amazon tooting its own horn about how it has created/produced “frustration-free packaging” and keeps expanding it to more and more products to make it easier for buyers and gift recipients to more easily get their items from their containers.  Having been one of those parents patiently removing tape, twist ties, and other securing devices, I can appreciate Amazon looking out for us.


My point in sharing this note (copied from the Amazon site) is to focus on the by-product of Amazon’s endeavors.  The reduction of millions of pounds of packaging materials that no longer needs to be found a home in a landfill or be recycled.


Congratulations, Amazon!  It may not have been the goal, but the environmental impact you’re making is praise-worthy.


Below is the entire content, pictures included, of the note that popped up when I hit today.  Normally, I prefer to link to content like this, but I couldn’t find the note linked anywhere.



Dear Customers,

Wrap rage. You know what it is.

Breaking through hermetically sealed clamshell cases and untwisting dozens of plastic-coated steel-wire ties can be nerve jangling.

Five years ago, when we announced Amazon Frustration-Free Packaging—a multi-year initiative to alleviate wrap rage—we made this video:

We got comments like these:

“Amazon, if I could, I would seriously make out with you right now. Yes, I said it.”

“The old frustration full packaging took scissors and blood and sweat to open. The new way is perfect! Pull cardboard tab, open envelope, memory card in hand.”

Since the launch five years ago, the team has worked hard. We launched with 19 products. Today, we offer more than 200,000 different products in Frustration-Free Packaging, and they’ve been ordered more than 75 million times. In addition to being frustration-free, this packaging is also better for the environment. No Styrofoam, no clear-plastic inlays, and it’s smaller. Frustration-Free Packaging has so far eliminated over 24.7 million pounds of excess packaging material.

We still have further to go on this initiative, and we’ll keep after it. We want to say thank you to the millions of customers and thousands of vendors who have supported us on this journey so far. If you’d like to share your feedback and suggestions with us this holiday season, you can reach us any time at Packaging Feedback—your comments are the driving force behind hundreds of packaging improvements every year.

We wish you a frustration-free holiday season, and as always, thank you for being a customer.

Jeff Bezos
Founder & CEO


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