Leaf Collection…or what kids learn from watching us

A big thing about having children is that they learn as much or more by observing what you do as by listening to what you tell them.  You are a role model.  If you want your children to grow to be honest, law abiding citizens with integrity, you should set the example.  For instance, a simple matter of following city ordinances such as when and how it is allowed to place leaves on the curb for collection.  In area of town, until a week prior to bulk, loose leaf collection (yes, we live in a neighborhood lucky enough to have this), leaves should be bagged in clear lawn bags.

Soooo…we rake and bag the leaves every couple weekends and then bulk pick up folks get them.  It’s a bit more of a pain that raking them to the street, but it’s according to city ordinance.  The weekend before the loose leaf collection, we rake the leaves into a nice, compact pile on the street, careful not to block up the gutter in case it should rain before the city gets the leaves…again, according to ordinance.  The girls, of course, notice that we are the only people on the street bagging leaves at this late stage of the game and have for a number of years.  Likewise, they know that I find it important to follows our laws and do the right thing, even if others are allowed to get away with doing things the easy way.

Much like they teach in the military, it is important to lead by example, or in this case, teach by example.  You can preach all day long to your children about following the laws and doing the right thing, but when they see you act contrary to that, it makes a lasting impression.

Do the right thing!


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