Music Monday – Gregory Hines

Gregory Hines was most known for his dancing, but he also had a pretty good voice which many people are familiar with as part of the duet with Luther Vandross on “There’s Nothing Better Than Love”.  That song appears on Mr. Hines self-titled album, the only studio album I’m aware that he made.  It’s not a Grammy winning album, but it is a well done R&B album.  Since he was best known for his dancing, I’ve also included a few clips of it.

That Girl Wants To Dance With Me by Gregory Hines

(released on his self-title 1988 album)

A catchy little upbeat tune, probably my favorite from the album other than his duet with Luther.


There’s Nothing Better Than Love by Luther Vandross & Gregory Hines

(released 1987; peaked #1 US R&B, #50 US Hot 100, #20 US Adult Contemporary)

Ooh love wakes me up everyday
And I thought no one could ever make me feel this way
It feels me up every time I hear her say
She’s still in love and no one will take her love away

Easily the biggest hit off Hines’ album, this duet with Luther Vandross was the peak of Hines’ singing career.  While his voice isn’t as great as Luther’s, they harmonize very well.


Gregory Hines’ solo tap dance from White Nights


Old Time Tap Dancers “Challenge” from Tap


Gregory Hines and Mikhail Baryshnikov from White Nights


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