Music Monday – One Horrible Day

Another shooting on a military base.  Twelve dead.  At least they killed the gunman.  That will save us money and time spent prosecuting the idiot.  Too bad they didn’t get the Fort Hood shooter the same way.  But I digress from the point of this post, which is a song of sorrow, but peace for a loved one lost.  May the victims rest in peace and their families, friends, and co-workers find comfort and healing…and may the shooter burn in Hell.

One Sweet Day by Mariah Carey with Boyz II Men

(released 1995; peaked #1 US Hot 100, Canada, & New Zealand, #2 US R&B, Australia, & Netherlands, #5 France, #6 UK)

Sorry, I’ve never told you, all I wanted to say
And now it’s too late to hold you
‘Cause you’ve flown away
So far away

Never had I imagined
Living without your smile
Feelin’ and knowing you hear me
It keeps me alive, alive

Mariah has such a beautiful voice and does a great job harmonizing with Boyz II Men on this hit.



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