Music Monday – See Dick Sing, See Dick Dance

While I’ve never watched Matlock, I have spent many, many hours as a child and now a parent watching Dick Van Dyke sing and dance his way through Mary Poppins and Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.  Here are some videos of Mr. Van Dyke from these movies, with one from Bye Bye Birdie thrown in, as well.

Me Ol’ Bamboo
(from Chitty Chitty Bang Bang)

A gentleman’s got a walking stick.
A seaman’s got a gaff.
And the merry men of Robin Hood
They used a quarterstaff.
On the Spanish plains inside their canes
They hide their ruddy swords.
But we make do with an old bamboo
And everyone applauds!

(from Mary Poppins)

Now as the ladder of life
Has been strung
You may think a sweep’s
On the bottom-most rungThough I spends me time
In the ashes and soot
In this ol’ wide world
There’s no happier bloke

The Penguin Dance
(from Mary Poppins)
Toot Sweets
(from Chitty Chitty Bang Bang)

Don’t waste your pucker on some all day sucker
And don’t try a toffee or cream
If you seek perfection in sugar confection
Well there’s something new on the scene
A mouth full of cheer
A sweet without peer
A musical morsel supreme!

Chitty Chitty Bang Bang
(from Chitty Chitty Bang Bang)

You’re sleek as a thoroughbred.
You’re seats are a feather bed.
You’ll turn everybody’s head today.
We’ll glide on our motor trip
With pride in our ownership
The envy of all we survey.

Hushabye Mountain
(from Chitty Chitty Bang Bang)

So close your eyes on Hushabye Mountain.
Wave good-bye to cares of the day.
And watch your boat from Hushabye Mountain
Sail far away from lullaby bay

Put on a Happy Face
(from Bye Bye Birdie)

Pick out a pleasant outlook,
Stick out that noble chin;
Wipe off that “full of doubt” look,
Slap on a happy grin!
And spread sunshine all over the place,
Just put on a happy face!

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