Vacation 2013 – Duck – Day Six

Day Six’s itinerary:  Awful Arthur’s, Morning View

Apparently, the early mornings were just the dogs getting used to the cottage routine because they’ve been back to their normal waking time since the second day…thankfully.  They actually slept until almost 0800 after their initial outing around 0600.

We had group breakfast again this morning, consisting of pancakes and scrambled eggs.  We chatted about plans for the day and decided on a trip to View from Awful Arthur's BarAwful Arthur’s for lunch.  My wife and her brother, Bubba, have been going there with their parents since the were little kids.  It’s a bit of a dive bar, but the food is good and it’s very well known by Outer Banks locals and regulars.

We had to take two vehicles to the restaurant, so Poppop took Bubba and the two younger girls to Wave Riding Vehicles while my wife, Nana, and our older daughter, and I headed to Awful Arthur’s since it was about lunch time and I had no idea how busy they’d be on a Friday.  Turns out we could have gone to WRV with the others.  Everyone enjoyed their meal.

After lunch, Bubba took his daughter back to the cottage with a short stop by the playground in Duck while the rest of us went driving around, planning to NagsHeadWoodsNaturePreserveget to the Morning View Coffee Company.

Along the way, we came upon the sign to the Nags Head Woods Nature Preserve.  My wife had read about this place so we decided to check it out.  It’s a pretty cool little patch of woods with trails to walk on that we’ll be sure to check out on one of our future visits to the Outer Banks, but we weren’t all dressed in the right shows to hike and didn’t have bug spray.


We left the Nags Head Woods and went to the Morning View Coffee House.  We all got a drink and sat around the coffee house, enjoying the smell of the coffee and beans while I helped Nana get her new tablet hooked up to the wi-fi to download some important apps, which we couldn’t do at the cottage due to the crappy Internet service.  Before we left, I also bought a pound of coffee.  Morning View is my favorite coffee house.  Too bad we don’t live closer.

We stopped by Food Lion to pick up some food for that night’s dinner and headed back to the cottage.  Bubba had already packed up his and his daughters stuff and loaded his car.  He chatted with my wife and his parents for a few minutes before he left with his daughter to go home.

My wife, daughters, and I took a few trips out on the kayak before getting cleaned up for the day and getting busy on dinner.  While at Food Lion, we had picked up some match-light charcoal so we mixed some of that with the other charcoal and got the fire going easily.  Before long, dinner was ready and we enjoyed another evening of chatting around the table followed by a pot of Morning View coffee, then bed.


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