Keeping Fans…other artists take note

Last night, I published my weekly Music Monday post: Music Monday – Bangin’, Clairy Browne Style.  As with most of my posts, I have WordPress auto push the link yo my Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn accounts.  This morning, when I checked my phone, I had a Twitter notification, which doesn’t happen often.

I was pleasantly surprised to see that Clairy Browne had replied to my tweet, thanking me for the props.  It’s cool because I’ve never had an artist respond or contact me about any of these posts I’ve made for over a year now.  It’s also cool because I’m not sure how she found it.

Coming straight from WordPress, my tweet only had the title of the post and a link to it.  No hashtag. No @clairybrowne.  I could be wrong, but this indicates to me that Ms. Browne just stumbled across the tweet…she isn’t one of my small number of followers, someone else told her about it, OR she’s searching for people talking about her and her group, Clairy Browne & The Bangin’ Rackettes.  I’m guessing she and/or her group are looking for folks.

However she found the tweet, the most important part, to me, is that she took the time, however small it was, to send me a reply.  She made direct contact with one of her fans.  That speaks volumes to me.

Years down the road, she may be so big and have so many followers that she won’t have time to do this.  Maybe it’s already just a marketing/social media person doing this for the group.  Regardless, it’s important to do.  It makes us fans feel a bit of the love in return for our time promoting the artists we follow.

Bottom line:  In less than 140 characters (and great music), Clairy Browne secured my fandom.


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