Music Monday – Bangin’, Clairy Browne Style

It’s difficult to really describe this sound.  It’s part doo-wop, part jazz lounge, part R&B…ALL SOUL!!!  Clairy Browne & The Bangin’ Rackettes are an amazing band with a throwback sound in a time of boring, crappy music being pumped out by the recording industry!  A breath of fresh air that I can’t do justice to by typing words on the page.  Just give one or two or all of these a listen/look.  “Love Letter”, their biggest hit and the only “music video” is at the bottom.

Visit their website:

Baby Caught the Bus
(released 2011)
(released 2010)
Yellow Bird
(released 2011)
Lean Lanky Daddy
(released 2010)
Shook Up
(released 2010)
Love Letter
(released 2011)

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