Vacation 2013 – Duck – Day Four

Day Four’s itinerary: kayak, shop, eat out.

Wednesday morning started out overcast and windy so we thought we’d do a little kayaking before breakfast.  All the wind made the sound choppy to the point that it was almost like kayaking in the ocean.  My wife and I cruised around for a little bit before coming back in and getting cleaned up.

We all decided that shopping would be a better thing to do since it was too windy and dark to hit the beach.  Looking out the kitchen window, though, we could see the lane of traffic heading back into duck was at a standstill.  We’d heard an emergency vehicle go by earlier, so we guessed that it was backed up due to an accident and would be flowing again before too long.

I went downstairs to get something out of the van, and found the front left tire completely flat.  Bubba came out and helped me change the tire.  Not that I hadn’t done this before, but since my wife suggested he come help, I let him at it.  Lazy Days - even the pups are sleepyLuckily, our van has a full-size tire as a spare, so I put the flat one back in the spare location and will take it to Firestone to fix or replace when we get home.

Traffic was still backed up by the time we finished changing the tire so we hung around the cottage, ate lunch, took naps, and entertained ourselves until early afternoon when we decided to brave the traffic and go to Scarborough Faire for a bit of shopping.  The drive only took about thirty minutes, only about five times longer than normal, and we got lucky, finding a parking spot very close to the one store we were making a point to hit, The Island Attic, because my wife’s family knows the owner.  We did wander around through a number of other stores, as well, crowded full of shoppers out and about because the weather wasn’t conducive to the beach and pools.

Overcast Days - Still SpectacularWe got back to the cottage and lazed about a bit before we discussed what to do about dinner.  The traffic was still bad so we weighed the potential drive time to a restaurant in Duck versus the drive time back from one if we ate in Corolla.  We decided on the ten to fifteen minute drive to the Sunset Grille & Raw Bar in Duck with a quick return trip.  We got to the restaurant and it looked packed.  No parking spots at the restaurant or across the street. Bubba went in and got our name on the list with a forty-five minute wait and everyone got out.  I drove to the bigger parking lot across the street and waited for someone to leave.  About twenty minutes into the wait and I still hadn’t gotten a spot when I received a text from my wife telling me they’d gotten a table outside on the deck.  Conveniently, I got a parking spot just after that so we were all able to sit and eat together.  Sunset GrilleThe cloud cover broke a bit while we were at the Sunset Grille providing a picture perfect example of why the restaurant is so named.

After dinner, it was a quick drive back to the cottage for coffee and bed time.


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