Vacation 2013 – Duck – Day Two

Day Two’s itinerary: beach, pool, rent kayak.

Day two started early for me when the stupid dogs decided to get up at 0430. I took them out and put them back in their crate, and they whined for another half hour before quieting back down…for about an hour, at which point they decided it was time for me to get back up and feed them. They got food. I got coffee.

sunrise over the cottageThe house sits at a location that makes watching sunrise break on the horizon difficult, but we drank coffee on the deck, and watch the sun’s light move slowly across the sound toward the houses as it climbed. After a little while, we had a group breakfast fixed by Poppop, my father in-law, the pancake master, then spent a few more minutes on the deck before getting ready to head Having A Good Laughto the beach.

Slathered with sunscreen, we loaded beach chairs, sand pails, umbrellas, and small coolers into the back of Poppop’s truck for delivery across the street. My wife, her mom, and I walked across and down the street to the beach, four to five hundred yards from the cottage, and helped carry the beach items the rest of the way.

The adults got the chairs and umbrellas setup while the kids got busy testing the water temperature and playing in the sand. The kids weren’t allowed much past their ankles without an adult next to them because the undertow was pretty strong and the waves were coming in pretty rough…and someone may have read/watched too much about sharks biting people on the east coast.

Moon Jellyfish Collection
Moon Jellyfish

We found LOTS of these clear white jellyfish with no tentacles. We picked them up, used them to decorate sand castles, and tried to see how many high we could stack them. [I did a little Googling when we got back to the cottage and learned that they are Moon Jellyfish.]

We played at the beach for a couple hours before heading back and stopping by the pool. The showers helped rinse sand from “places” and the pool water felt great. We didn’t stay too long, though, because it was now getting near 1300 hours.

We went back to the cottage, fixed sandwiches and leftovers from the night before, and decided it was time to go get a kayak. Conveniently, we’re about half a mile or so from a water sports rental business. We had Poppop drive the wife and me up to the place where we rented a kayak for the week, and then we paddled the kayak back down the sound to our cottage where we beached the kayak and got cleaned up to do some shopping.

Poppop and Bubba, my wife’s brother, took our younger daughter and Bubba’s daughter with them to the grocery store while I chauffeured, My wife, Nana, her mom, and our older daughter shopping in the beach clothing and crappity stores. We hit three or four. Nana bought herself a hat for the beach and an ankle bracelet/anklet for each of the girls.

We got home and heard how it had been a mistake for Poppop to take two little girls with them to the grocery store because it was a madhouse…which it is. The Harris Teeter and Food Lion down here service a lot of people and they are always packed full of folks. Poppop and Bubba picked up food for a couple days, but the charcoal they got wasn’t MatchLight and they didn’t get lighter fluid.

Last Rays Of Day TwoFor our good, old-fashioned cookout, I had the burgers made, the beans and corn heated up, and no fire in the grill. Poppop managed to use enough paper and sticks to catch the charcoal and eventually we got the burger and hot dogs cooked and ate dinner.

We got the table and dishes cleaned up and had a glass of wine on the deck as the last rays of the sun disappeared for the day. We had coffee, chatted a bit, and headed to our rooms to sleep.

An interesting observation: Movies always show late night partying when folks go on vacation, even as families, but it seems that I get much more sleep on vacation than I do at home. We rarely have a night that we’re all still up at 2300, much less midnight.



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