Music Monday – Joy

Friday, I received the sad news that a girl I coached for a season in soccer last year had died after a cross country practice Thursday night.  Going into her freshman year of high school, she’d been a friend of my daughter in middle school after they played together on my team last year.  She was one of those kids coaches love to have on their team.  Not because she was a superstar who could single-handedly win a game for you, but because she was (almost) always had a smile on her face and was willing to do whatever was asked of her without complaining.  She’d pay attention to the ramblings of her old coach when most of the team had tired of listening.

In honor of this young lady’s passing, we have Slaughter’s “Fly to the Angels”, Michael Jackson’s “Gone Too Soon”, and Teddy Pendergrass’s “Joy”.  Teddy’s song isn’t here because of the lyrics, but because it is simply a beautiful song for a beautiful girl…and her name was Joy.  Rest in peace, Joy!

Fly to the Angels by Slaughter
(released 1991; peaked #19 US Hot 100, #1 US Mainstream Rock)

Cause now you’ve got to fly (fly high)
Fly to the angels
Heaven awaits your heart
And flowers bloom in your name
Woahh oh
You’ve got to fly (fly high),
Fly to the angels
All the stars in the night
Shine in your name

It’s interesting that a hair band can hit the scene as a rocking, party band and then find their biggest hit in a soulful ballad about loss.

Gone Too Soon by Michael Jackson
(released 1993; peaked #3 Zimbabwe, #6 New Zealand)
Born To Amuse, To Inspire, To Delight
Here One Day
Gone One Night

Performed first in 1983 by Dionne Warwick, Michael’s remake of this song was inspired by and the video made from clips of Ryan White.  The sentiment is still spot on.

(released 1988; peaked #2 US R&B, #54 US Hot 100)

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