Music Monday – R&B, 1987

Not sure why R&B from 1987 has been going through my head tonight.  I didn’t hear any on the radio.  Could be that they played at all the high school dances for the class that graduated twenty-five years ago in June.  Songs from that year pop into my head all the time.  Anyway, here are four of the big R&B jams from my senior year.
Casanova by LeVert
(released 1987; peaked #5 US Hot 100, #1 US R&B, #27 US Dance, #9 UK Singles)

Every man deserves a good woman
and I want you to be my wife.
Time is so much better spent with you

A woman just like you in my life
So let me love you
Fill you up inside
I want to hold you

So let me squeeze you
Don’t you know that I’ll get down on my knees for you baby?

From the first few bass notes, this groove has you moving.  A great song for slowing things down a bit on the dance floor or for simply chillin’.  LeVert had a knack for this tempo.
Rock Steady by The Whispers
(released 1987; peaked #7 US Hot 100, #1 US R&B)

I looked at you, you stole my heart
You were all that I anticipated
I wanted you, every part
But I knew love would be complicated

I began to touch but you wouldn’t let it
It never seemed to be the right time
I started to give up, down to the limit
And then you changed your mind, oh

When I heard this song, I had no idea The Whispers had already had a fairly long career.  This was the biggest song off In The Mood and I don’t think a dance went by in 1987/’88 without this song on the playlist.

I Want To Be Your Man by Roger
(released 1987; peaked #3 US Hot 100, #1 US R&B)

Hey lady, let me tell you why
I can’t live my life without you

Every time I see you walking by, I get a thrill
You don’t notice me but in time you will
I must make you understand

A very cool, synthesized slow jam for the former funk star.  It’s hard to be more straight forward than this song.

Happy by Surface
(released 1987; peaked #5 US Hot 100, #2 US R&B, #3 US Adult Contemporary)

I never thought that I
I’d find someone like you
I feel hypnotized
With the things you do

I’ll never let you go, no
You’re so right for me
I have to let you know
Forever you and me

The first of a dozen or so big hit slow jams for Surface.  Great song, although I usually make fun of the fake phone call bit.



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