Music Monday – Special Request Edition: Born to be Wild

A friend and (blog) follower is heading out on a multi-day motorcycle ride today and requested I do a Music Monday today with “Born to be Wild”.  “Dude”, I said, “Thursday isn’t Monday.”  Then I thought about it and decided I can do a special edition of Music Monday.  It’s not often I get much feedback on Music Mondays in the form of ‘likes’ or comments, so if one of the guys who I know reads those posts asks, I’ll do it.  So, here we have the very first Music Monday – Special Request.  It’s Steppenwolf with “Born to be Wild”.

(released 1968 as the A-side on a 45; peaked #2 US Hot 100, #5 Netherlands, #20 Austria & Germany, #30 UK)

Get your motor runnin’
Head out on the highway
Lookin’ for adventure
And whatever comes our way

This is a great song, a fantastic driving song, and has kind of been grabbed by all the bikers out there as their theme song, so it kind of makes sense why the song didn’t peak higher in the UK.  The aren’t exactly known for being HOG riders.
Be safe and enjoy the ride, bro!

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  1. A big thanks for the shout out!

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