More Memory Problems

Earlier this year, I wrote a post, Memory Problems, in which I discussed my daughter’s inability to remember things that had just happened.

I’m not an authority on brains or memory, but my memory is pretty good.  I can remember the names of streets I lived on as a kid…and we moved a lot.  I can remember the names of a large majority of people with whom I’ve interacted personally.  I can remember events from early childhood.  I can remember what I did last night, last weekend, etc.

I have no trouble with my memory and recollection…EXCEPT for locking the car.

Frequently, bordering on always, after locking the car, I get no more than twenty to thirty feet away and wonder if I locked the car.  I turn around and press the lock button again and watch for the lights to flash indicating it has locked itself.

Why is this one function so difficult for me to remember?  I’ve been doing this for at least a year now and it boggles my otherwise perfectly good mind.


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