Yet Another Hollywood Overdose or My Beef with Sympathy for Fidiots

I know this is going to come off as harsh, derisive, mean-spirited and make me look like a huge ass hole to a lot of people, but I’m really damned tired of all the outpouring of emotion and sadness when some dumb ass “star” overdoses on drugs and/or alcohol.  I’m sorry that they will have to be written out of your favorite television show, that you won’t get to watch them walk down the red carpet again, that you won’t see interviews of them on TV or the supermarket rags as you go to checkout, that we won’t be fascinated by their wit and charm and intellect as they spout off on this or that topic on which they aren’t experts, and that you’ll now never have the chance to run into them in an airport or on the street.  Generally speaking, these “stars” have nothing to do with our lives other than being on a show or two that we watch.  Too many of them are prima donnas and pricks who think they deserve special treatment because they are overpaid to entertain us.

Now, if his girlfriend has really been with him so much of the time, she had to know he had a habit, so the question becomes, “Was she trying to get him to clean up his act or an enabler by participating or pretending it wasn’t going on?”  I know, sometimes, it doesn’t matter what you do or say to an addict, you’re not going to get them to give up the habit.  You’re then stuck with difficult choices:  leave them, turn them in to the authorities, or continue to live with them (hoping they’ll “wake up” and quit) until they die via OD or due to a destroyed body.  None of those options are easy or good.  So, unless the girlfriend was enabling him, I certainly feel sorry for her, and for the family and friends who may have also had to sit by and watch this guy kill himself.

You may have guessed who’s death spawned this post.  If not, here’s an article about how Cory’s girlfriend, Lea, will cope with his death.

Do I feel sorry for him?  No.  Unless you can tell me that someone shot him up on drugs against his will the first time to get him hooked.  I’m guessing he chose to do it.

Why does it really chap my ass when I see all the boo-hooing about “Star X” or “Star Y” killing himself/herself?  Because they had a choice.  They chose to be addicted, certainly, at least, to begin the habit that maybe they thought would be just recreational use.

You know who didn’t have a choice?  Besides all of the soldiers, sailors, marines, airmen, coast guardsmen, policemen, firemen, and all the others who put their lives on the line to defend our lives and way of life…people like Talia Castellano, the thirteen year-old girl who died today after battling cancer since she was seven, Liam Witt, “Prince Liam the Brave, who died a couple years ago, a few months shy of his seventh birthday, also of cancer.  And there a plethora of others dead or dying of diseases they did nothing to bring on themselves that you never hear about.  These are the people who deserve your sympathy.

Okay, I’ve cooled down a bit.  I do feel a wee bit of sympathy for the dumb ass who killed himself, because it’s sad when someone kills himself, violently or otherwise, but my initial reaction stands.  It isn’t one of “Oh, that’s so sad!”  It’s “What a dumb ass!”


**BTW, my lack of sympathy doesn’t have to do with the fact that I don’t watch Glee.  If I heard that Jensen Ackles or Jared Padalecki OD’d, my initial thoughts would be the same.


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