Facebook Free

It’s funny how things work, right?  You’re thinking about something when you get a sign that confirms it or completely changes your mind.
I was thinking as I was driving to work this morning that Facebook has become a huge “time sink”.  I spend too much time checking it and play a few games on it, especially in the evening.  Sure, it’s convenient for keeping tabs on hundreds of “friends” and letting them know what I’m doing, sharing pictures, etc., but it’s burning up time I could be using to do other things, like writing.  I manage to get blog posts written, and poems, and even flash fiction, but longer stories, the kind that could potentially become books, aren’t going to write themselves while I’m on Facebook.
So, I get to work, check my email, pop open the news and there’s an article about “screen time” sucking the life out of us.  I can’t get away from “screen time” completely, if I’m going to use my computer to write, but it will be positive time instead of negative, wasted time.
If I wasn’t waiting for a message back from a business to whom I’d sent a Facebook private message last night, I’d have suspended/disabled/whataver-FB-calls-it my account this morning.  Tonight, whether I hear from them or not, I’m unplugging from Facebook, at least for a while.

2 Responses

  1. I’ve had my Facebook for a long time now and I am so ready to just deactivate it, but I can’t because of family, business, etc. I hardly ever check it anymore. It literally has become to me, personally, a waste of time.

    • It has definitely become a part of life. I know a few businesses that use FB more for putting out innformation than traditional websites. I work closely with the folks in my company whose jobs are social media. It’s tough to get away from it.

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