Forty -Three and Fit

It’s been waaaaay too many months since I’ve been to the gym.  I’ve been playing soccer three days a week and doing pushups, but it’s not the same as pushing and pulling heavier weight.  Due to coaching, I need to leave work earlier than normal, so during kids’ soccer season, I give up my gym time.  It’s a trade-off I gladly make.

Last week, I got back into the gym for the first time since February.  Forty-five minutes of cardio, preceded by Nautilus equipment for chest, back, and shoulders three days in a row.  I was sore through the weekend.

I’ve read recently that cardio first is the wrong order, so I’ve tried switching it up.  Not sure it makes much difference since I’m not trying to bulk up.  I’m simply going for a little more definition, maybe a bit more strength, and overall fitness.  I used to spend time on the ab machine.  I have also recently read that crunches are a wasted exercise. Planking, as they called it in the article, is supposedly better because it involves not only the front abs, but also the obliques and lower back muscles.  I’m not going to give up crunches completely**, but I have cut them from my gym time.  Much like pushups, now I plank multiple times a day at home or in my cubicle…wherever, whenever.  It also works to get the blood flowing a bit on those days when the sleep monster is attacking.

If you’ve got suggestions for quick and easy exercises that can be done in a set or two, a minute or so, that don’t cause a sweat storm, please let me know.  I’m not planning on giving up the gym, but the more time I can shave off away from the office, the earlier I can be headed home to the fam.

I’m on a mission.  I’m not out of shape.  I can outrun and outplay a lot of folks many years younger than me on the pitch, but I want to trim some fat and tone up.

It’s the year of Forty-three and Fit!

**Why not give up crunches completely?  While the article I read said that planking is better for working the core, including the abs, I still believe that muscles should be worked like they are going to be used.  My abs are used for sitting up, pulling my legs up, and other “crunching” type movements more than for simply holding myself rigid.  Maybe I’m wrong, but doing crunches certainly won’t hurt.


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