Cleanup, Ladies Swim Wear

Target used to be my favorite whatever you need store to shop.  It was clean, the employees were presentable, the employees were present and could be found when I had a question…and…and…they could answer questions intelligently, even if it was “I don’t know.  Let me find someone who can answer that.”

Cleanup, Womens Swim WearTarget has fallen.

Many of the employees are not friendly.  Many of them border on discourteous.  Sometimes, I think they see someone with a questioning look and quickly turn away and duck around a corner to avoid having to deal with a customer.  Most look like their clothes are either two sizes too big or three sizes too small.  Shabby, to say the least.

In almost every department, there are items all over the floor, placed in the wrong spots on shelves and racks, or have gaping holes where items have sold out and not been restocked.

I realize it’s likely not the employees throwing the items on the floor, but I’m fairly certain it is their job to help keep the store looking neat and clean.  Again, it’s mostly customers who change their minds who put items wherever they happen to be rather than returning the items to their proper locations, but I’ve seen employees half-ass the cleanup by grabbing something off the floor and just sticking it on a rack that is obviously not the right one…shorts in the bathing suits, for instance.

The lack of good work ethic and proper attitude has at least two sources:  a lack of proper values learned at home and poor management.  Target, obviously, can’t fix what’s going or not going on at home, but their managers can certainly do a better job at work.  I know stores, to a certain extent, are stuck with what they can get as far as employees go, but it does not benefit them to continue to allow company values to deteriorate…especially as it continues to be more difficult for brick and mortar stores to operate at profit.

The store managers need to set expectations and hold themselves and their underlings to that standard.  Improvements need to be made in the initial employee training where the standards are clearly explained.  Refresher training, counseling, and incentive programs need to be implemented and/or improved.  Personnel who fail to meet the standard need to be counseled and, when necessary, released.

Every time I go in Target, I find myself less inclined to return.  They still rate much higher than Wally World, which I avoid like the plague, but they don’t beat’s prices, as a rule…and Amazon delivers right to my door.


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