The Pride of Lions

The pride of the Lions has not waned, but Uncle Sam has closed the doors to our school forever. For almost 70 years, HHS served the Army, DOD, and the United States by educating the children of its service members and civilians…as well as children of a few other nations who had parents assigned to posts at Heidelberg. Auf Wiedersehen!, HHS!

Lorwynd's Thoughts

Improve your image, be seen with a LionThe strength of the pride is in the bonds of its members.

For members of the pride of Lions from Heidelberg High School, the bonds are strong.  Scattered around the world, we find other members and welcome them back into the group, typically through Facebook.  Our pride in our school and bonds with each other extend not only to fellow students and classmates in those grades with whom we may have shared classes, but to those Lions who came before and after us, as well as the faculty and staff of our beloved school.

What is it about HHS that makes our bond so tight?  Why is it that we’re willing to embrace fellow students from ten to 20 years earlier or later as if they were our peers?  It’s a puzzling question.  One that I can’t quite put my finger on.  I attended three different high schools.  First half…

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  1. Very well stated 🙂

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