Music Monday – Call Me

I missed making this post on Monday because I spent all evening upgrading my phone…which led to this topic for Music Monday.  Yes, I know, it’s Wednesday.  I was still re-adding apps and music and such last night.  It’s amazing how long it takes to get everything configured.  I guess that’s what happens when we are carrying devices that are more computer than phone, huh?

Call Me by Blondie

(released 1980; peaked #1 US Hot 100, UK Singles & Canada, #2 US Dance, Australia)

Cover me with kisses, baby
Cover me with love
Roll me in designer sheets
I’ll never get enough
Emotions come, I don’t know why
Cover up love’s alibi

Call me (call me) on the line
Call me, call me any, anytime
Call me (call me) oh love
When you’re ready we can share the wine
Call me

Blondie mastered the art of playing with their sound to capture the pop audience while still rocking out.  Debbie Harry could hit high notes or slink around in the sensual, lower tones.  In “Call Me”, she takes it from moments of wispy allure to growling command…CALL ME!  A great song!

Mr. Telephone Man by New Edition

(released 1984; peaked #1 US R&B, #12 US Hot 100, #19 UK Singles )

Some strange man is on the telephone
He keeps telling me my baby ain’t home
She ain’t got no party line
Situation’s blowing my mind
Oh, I just can’t take this anymore

“Mr. Telephone Man” is one of the bigger hits from New Editions earlier days, along with “Cool It Now” and “Candy Girl”…about three years before their next big album in ’88.  Three years may not seem like much for adult artists, but for young teen groups, those three years mean big changes in physical appearance and the sound of their voices.

Vienna Calling by Falco

(released 1985; peaked #1 Austria, #3 Sweden, #4 Germany, #5 Finland & Spain, #18 US Hot 100)

Hello, Vienna calling
Hello, hello, Vienna calling…
Vienna calling
Two, one, zero – der alarm ist rot
Wien in not – cha, cha, cha
Vienna calling, Vienna calling

Und plötzlich heißt Maria Marilyn
Und eva heißt Yvonne
Ein junger bogart hängt dir an den lippen, kleines, und sagt komm
Die lockenpracht wird komm abgemacht
Die tänzer sind gestoppt
Es ist 4 uhr 45, nun wird position geprobt
Womit spielen kleine mädchen heute, hier und dort und da
Ob in Tucson, Arizona; Toronto, Canada

I’m sure if I could understand what Falco’s singing that this song would be cooler.  I love his style…from his clothes to his videos.  It’s all very well composed.

Calling America by ELO

(released 1986; peaked #18 US Hot 100, #2 Poland, #10 France, #28 UK )

But I’m just talking to a satellite
Twenty thousand miles up in the sky each night
Yeah, we’re living in
In a modern world.

All I had to do was pick up the phone
I’m out in space, trying to talk to someone
Yeah, we’re living in
In a modern world.

ELO made a lot of music.  While “Calling America” isn’t nearly their biggest hit, it’s got a good sound and rather upbeat lyrics for someone who’s not getting in touch with his girl.

I’m sure some of you will be wondering why I don’t have more recent songs on here like “Call Me Maybe”, “Payphone”, and “Telephone”.  Simple.  I don’t like those songs and/or artists.  If you do, you can probably find them on YouTube.


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