Heavy Sigh

(As defined by Merriam-Webster) Sigh:
intransitive verb
: to take a deep audible breath (as in weariness or relief)
2 : to make a sound like sighing <wind sighing in the branches>
3 : grieve, yearn <sighing for days gone by>
transitive verb
1 : to express by sighs
2 archaic : to utter sighs over : mourn
I’ve been doing a lot more sighing this year.  Maybe not.  Maybe I’ve just been more aware of it.
In an attempt to not raise my voice at my children as much this year, I’ve found myself sighing with a loud, long, frustrated tone, which they’ve come to realize is a step away from a trouble for them.  Why trouble?  Because the sigh is typically brought on by them not following instructions, not getting/acting like they’re not getting a concept I’m helping with on schoolwork, me finding dog poop or pee on the floor because of them not letting the dogs out long enough, etc.  This sigh happens at work quite frequently, as well.
Instead of the “heh” or “hmph” or other such vocalish (yes, I think I just made that up) sounds, when I see something amusing, I’m much more likely have a short, relatively quiet, sigh accompanied by a grin.
The sigh that got this post going, though, is the deeper, slower, thoughtful sigh…a.k.a. the heavy sigh.  It includes the lip pursing and usually a short head bob or slight declination of my head, much like Tom Selleck does here at the 2:09 mark.  I wonder if I started doing it after seeing him do it on the TV show, Blue Bloods, or if I’ve always done it and just noticed it since the show came out.
Blue Bloods, by the way, is a great TV show and Selleck frequently has multiple heavy sigh moments in an episode.

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