No Sympathy for the Devil

No, I don’t think the Boston Marathon terrorists were the Devil.  I think He could have caused a Hell of a lot more damage and mayhem.  No pun intended.

Here’s the article about the Air Force veteran who wants to offer up her burial spot in Arlington National Cemetery for the terrorist.…burial-plot-bombing-suspect-19476.shtml

This lady is a freaking joke.  She doesn’t need to give up her spot.  She should have it forfeited just for being stupid enough to offer it to a terrorist.  If she just wants it to be over, she can pony up the money to buy him a burial spot somewhere else.  Personally, I don’t have a problem with them digging a hole and dumping the body in it with a bit of lye…like they used to do in the days of the plague.  Much like the plague, terrorists are a scourge on (mostly) civilized society.

Thankfully, a spokesperson for Arlington has already stated that the terrorist cannot be buried there.


Visit the Arlington National Cemetery website:


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