Congressional Lottery

I would like to propose a solution to part of the fiscal crisis hitting DoD and other federal agencies due to sequestration.  Maybe solution isn’t quite the right word.  What I’m proposing is more of an incentive for Congress to pass a budget and give some of the money back to the organizations who will be furloughing personnel.

My ‘Congressional Lottery’ is fairly simple.  The names/socials/uniquely identifying IDs of members of Congress, the President, and anyone else associated with this sequestration mess are imprinted on bingo/lottery balls and put into a big mixing ball to be spun and tossed around.  When a bill that can’t be paid because of sequestration comes due, a ball is allowed down the tube where the happy lottery lady identifies the lucky congressman/president/whoever who gets to pay that bill.  Their ball then promptly goes back into the pool for a chance to pay another bill.

Here are a few examples of bills that could be submitted to be paid by ‘Congressional Lottery’:

  • A federal employee’s home cable bill that they were able to pay before being furloughed.
  • The cost of a Soldier’s/Sailor’s/Airman’s/Marine’s college class that would have been covered by tuition assistance before that benefit was stripped.
  • The cost of a private tutor to teach a DoDDs school child what they will fail to learn this year because the school year is being cut short due to teacher/administrator furloughs.
  • The bill for office supplies a federal agency can’t afford due to cuts.
  • The court costs, hospital bills, lawyer fees, and any other costs associated with being the victim of a crime committed by any of the illegal aliens released from prison supposedly due to these budget cuts.

See?  Fairly simple.  It’s like a bit of man-made Karma….and it can continue as long as they fail to pass a budget.  Let them feel the pinch and maybe they’ll be motivated to do their job.  Until then, let them pay to help out the people they’ve screwed.


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