Recipe: Brown Sugar & Cinnamon Apple Chicken

Brown Sugar & Cinnamon Apple ChickenThis was inspired by some recipe my wife saw on Pinterest.  I never looked at the recipe, but based on what she described, I gave this a go.  It was like having dessert for dinner.

The Ingredients
1 8oz bag Brown Sugar
1 – 2 Tbs Ground Cinnamon
3 Apples, sliced (I used gala)
1 to 1.5 lbs. boneless, skinless Chicken breasts
2 to 3 shots Rum  (Appleton Estate is my preferred brand)
about 1/2 stick Butter
Prep and Cooking
1.  Turn the crock pot on to low and mix the brown sugar, rum, cinnamon, and butter together into a nice mixture.
2.  Slice the chicken into strips about an inch and a half to two inches wide and put into the mixture.
3.  Add the apple slices.
4.  Stir in just enough water to almost cover the apples and chicken with the mixture.
5.  Cook in the crock pot all day (mine cooked on low for about seven and a half hours before getting turned down to ‘keep warm’).
6.  Enjoy.
Note:  I made white rice to go with it, but you could probably make any side that you like to eat with sweet foods.
**This another of my lazy dinners.  Only two items require slicing the apples and chicken, it is all cooked in the crock pot, and it doesn’t require much cleanup.

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