Memory Problems

It’s funny how memory works…or doesn’t, isn’t it?  We can recall some things vividly while others are clear as mud.  I’m not even talking about short vs. long term memory.

Two Fridays ago, my younger daughter borrowed something from a classmate at school and was supposed to return it Monday.  My wife got an email last week from our daughter’s teacher asking if we could replace the item.  We won’t discuss details of the object, its value, the teacher involvement, etc.  Instead, we’ll just focus on the fact that my daughter couldn’t find the missing object after going through the house.  She was pretty sure she hadn’t taken it back to school, though.  She couldn’t remember.

The week prior, she lost her coat.  She left it on the playground, she thought, when she left with our friend and her kids.  She was sure enough that it was at the playground that she didn’t want to check our friend’s van.  Nearly a week later, after the coat didn’t show up in the school’s lost and found, her grandfather bought her a new coat.  The next day, her ‘lost’ coat was found in our friend’s van.

Now, this child can recall lines from every movie she’s seen, facts about ancient Egypt and Greece, but she can’t remember where she left her coat or a borrowed object.

This memory oddity struck my wife and I funny yesterday as we were driving along the interstate.  Someone did something stupid that almost caused an accident.  I asked the same daughter what I told her less than a week earlier about driving and she was able to recite my words back nearly verbatim…that people are idiots.  When driving, expect them to do stupid things so that when they do them, you’re ready to react to avoid becoming a victim of their fidiocy.  (I didn’t add the f when talking to her.)

Maybe it comes down to interest in what we’re trying to recall, but memory is funny, huh?


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